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Chuck Dixon; Tom Lyle

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Quote1 The plot thickens. To the Bat-van, Alfie. Quote2


The Bat-Van was one of the many vehicles used by the Gotham City vigilante, Batman on his crusade against crime. Unlike all the other vehicles part of Batman's arsenal, the Bat-van was not designed after a bat or had any recognizable features. In fact, only the prefix "Bat" is indicative that this vehicle is somehow special, as it is just a regular van on the outside. In recent years, members of the Bat-family have started calling it the Bat-van, but the name has been dropped, although the vehicle is still used occasionally.

Inside the van, Batman placed various elements and equipment from the Batcave that were needed during his investigations.

Batman started using this van for special missions in which he had to investigate a case, but couldn't risk been spotted at the crime scene. The van provided a perfect hideout, as Batman would often disguise the van as diferent vehicles in order to avoid detection. The first time Batman used the van, it was disguised as a TV truck during a broadcast of an important event.[1]

Before Tim Drake could drive, he often relied in Alfred to take him places using the Bat-Van.[2][3]

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