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This paperback collects the Batgirl: Death Wish storyline. It was published as the third paperback of the comic book series Batgirl. Originally this storyline was published from August, 2001 to April, 2002. The storyline was written by Kelley Puckett and Chuck Dixon. The illustrations are by Damion Scott.

In this storyline the question is if Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), a seventeen year old trained from childhood to be a lethal assassin, can ever cast off her tainted past and take the place of former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon. Batgirl continues her training with Batman, but his young protégé is starting to feel that she's on a very short leash indeed. Dealing with blackmail, bank robberies and burglary is one thing, but for Batgirl to step into the major leagues, a major menace is required.

This paperback collects the following comic books:

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