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Batgirl Vol 1 29

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"Bruce Wayne: Fugitive, Part Thirteen": Batgirl wakes up from a nightmare in which she was murdered by Batman. Nightwing takes her to the Batcave to try and break inside again. On their way, Batgirl tells him that she feels guilt

Quote1 We've spent too much time chasing our own doubts. It's time to find the real killer of Vesper Fairchild Quote2
-- Nightwing

Appearing in "Bruce Wayne: Fugitive, Part Thirteen"

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Synopsis for "Bruce Wayne: Fugitive, Part Thirteen"

Batgirl wakes up from a nightmare in which she was murdered by Batman. Nightwing takes her to the Batcave to try and break inside again. On their way, Batgirl tells him that she feels guilty for thinking Batman actually killed Vesper.

Once in there, they get inside the batcave the same way the murderer did and when they got inside, they called Oracle to let her know their discoveries and plans. Nightwing and Batgirl are going to recreate the crime and see if they can find any other clue. With Alfred's help, they're able to recreate the scene perfectly and they discover many things. First, the killer faked Bruce's voice to call Vesper. When she arrived at Wayne Manor, the killer opened the door and knocked her down. Then he cleaned the room and waited for her to wake up. Once awaken, the killer beat her and gave her the chance to make a fake 911 call just before killing her. The killer recorded the entire "call" and then he edited it to delete any sort of additional information she might have given in the original "call". After killing her, the killer waited for Bruce's return to the Manor to acually call 911 and played the previously recorded call but this time edited. That way the killer made sure that the police arrive in time to find Bruce and the dead body.

However, after learning all this, Nightwing and the others realize that Bruce could have done all that and more. Without actual evidence to clear their boss, they decide that it's time to find the real killer.



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This comic issue is a part of the Bruce Wayne: Murderer? and Bruce Wayne: Fugitive story that went through every Batman Family title in 2002. Bruce Wayne was framed for the murder of his love interest Vesper Fairchild and forced to go on the run from the law so he could prove his innocence. This adventure almost completely compromised his identity from the inside.

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