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Batgirl Vol 1 37


Batgirl Vol 1 37

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"Thicker Than Water": David Cain breaks out of prison, delivers a package to Batgirl, and returns to his cell. Batman and Oracle examine the package, and it appears to be simply a

Quote1 I know. It doesn't matter. Quote2
-- Batgirl

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Synopsis for "Thicker Than Water"

David Cain breaks out of prison, delivers a package to Batgirl, and returns to his cell. Batman and Oracle examine the package, and it appears to be simply an ordinary knife. Batgirl realizes this is the day Cain told her was her birthday, and it is a birthday present. Batman reminds her that Cain acquired her on the black market as a baby, and he has no way of knowing what her real birthday is.

Oracle alerts Batman to a kidnapping. A wealthy young girl named Jill with a professional art career has been taken from her mother. The mother seems disinterested in the girl's well-being, beyond the money she brings in through her gallery openings. Batgirl tracks down the kidnapper, a thief named David Sullivan, and is surprised to see that the young girl seems to love him. It's revealed that Sullivan is secretly her father, and the girl wants to leave her mother. Sullivan pleads with Batgirl, explaining that he truly loves Jill and only wants what's best for her even though he's a professional criminal. His actions remind Batgirl of David Cain's behavior, and she has a flashback to Cain giving her the same knife as a present when she was a young girl. Batgirl realizes that David Cain truly is her father, not just a man who purchased her as an infant. She tells Sullivan that it does not matter how much he loves his daughter or she loves him, and she hands Sullivan over to the police. Jill is returned to her unloving but stable mother. Batgirl goes home and uses power tools to try and smash the knife Cain gave her.


  • This book was first published on February 19, 2003.
  • No special notes.


  • Cassandra mentions that it is her birthday, although the date is only given as the 26th.

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