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Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood Vol 1 1


Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood Vol 1 1

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"Cry for Blood: Part One": Batman is at the scene as the police recovers the dead body of Claudio Panessa out of the Gotham River. Crossbow bolts are sticking out of his chest and this makes Huntress an immediate suspect. Another conn

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Synopsis for "Cry for Blood: Part One"

Batman is at the scene as the police recovers the dead body of Claudio Panessa out of the Gotham River. Crossbow bolts are sticking out of his chest and this makes Huntress an immediate suspect. Another connection is the fact that Panessa is the cousin of Helena Bertinelli. Therefore, Batman breaks into Helena's appartment and confronts her directly. Helena denies having anything to do with the murder as the tension between Batman and her continues to grow. She still is angry that Batman never accepted into his "family".

After Batman has left, Helena thinks about the history of her family. Her great-grandfather Giuseppe Bertinelli came from Sicily to Gotham City about a century ago and established his mafia family which ruled Gotham with four other families: Galante, Cassamento, Beretti and Inzerillo. Tomasa Panessa wanted his family to become the sixth member, but Alfredo Bertinelli, Giuseppe's successor and Helena's grandfather, rejected him. And that did not change even after his son Franco Bertinelli married Tomasa's little sister Maria. Franco eventually succeeded Alfredo as the boss of bosses and became father of Pino and Helena. When Helena was 8 years old both her parents and brother were killed right before her eyes. The Panessas took care of Helena and sent her to Sicily. The Galantes took over the lead of the families and the Panessas were allowed to join the group. Helena did not learn about her mafia heritage before she was 15 years old.

In the evening, Helena decides to visit her family to offer condolences. Members of all mafia families are present at the Panessa estate and Helena overhears that they are also talking about the Huntress. Pasquale Galante Jr., the current boss of bosses, and most others are happy to see Helena. Only her cousin Monica Panessa does not accept her as part of he family.

Driving home she nearly runs over a faceless man who is standing on the road and seems to be waiting for her ...


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