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Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood Vol 1 3


Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood Vol 1 3

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"Cry for Blood: Part Three": Helena Bertinelli wakes up in a cabin in Canada. A man named Richard Dragon tells her that The Question brought her here. Question calls Dragon "sensei" and

Quote1 She lost more than that, Tim. Batman lost his parents. Huntress lost everyone with the name Bertinelli. This was a systematic annihilation of a family line. Quote2
-- Oracle

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Synopsis for "Cry for Blood: Part Three"

Helena Bertinelli wakes up in a cabin in Canada. A man named Richard Dragon tells her that The Question brought her here. Question calls Dragon "sensei" and introduces himself as Vic Sage.

About a week after Helena vanished, Robin visits Oracle to talk about the murder cases involving Huntress. Robin thinks Helena is innocent and wants to find out the truth. Both him and Oracle dig deep into past of Helena. After her parents and brother were killed, all other Bertinellis were eliminated as well.

Vic explains to Helena that Richard is kind of a teacher who shows you how to live. He warns her not to go back to Gotham City when her injuries are healed because she probably would die within a few days. Then Vic leaves so that Helena can be teached by his sensei. The training over the following weeks is both mental and physical so that Helena better understands who she really is. After three months Vic Sage returns because now it is time for Helena to go back to Gotham. As they are waiting at a bus station, Vic wants to know how Helena became the Huntress?


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