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Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood Vol 1 5


Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood Vol 1 5

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"Cry for Blood: Part Five": After three months, Huntress has returned to Gotham City accompanied by The Question. Batman already awaits Helena in her appartment and tries to ease the tension wh

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Synopsis for "Cry for Blood: Part Five"

After three months, Huntress has returned to Gotham City accompanied by The Question. Batman already awaits Helena in her appartment and tries to ease the tension which usually is between them. He knows she did not intend to shoot him with the crossbow and that the murder accusations on her are wrong as well. Batman offers to give her enough room to clear her name as long as she does not clash with the GCPD.

Shortly after Batman is gone, Robin shows up and interrupts a romantic moment between Helena and Vic. Robin tells her that he reviewed Helena's history together with Oracle and hands over all the files to her. After that, Robin swings on the roof of the building where Batman and Nightwing are waiting for him. Dick is eager to talk to Huntress, but Batman wants her to figure everything out on her own.

Meanwhile, Helena tells Vic what she did after she had witnessed Batman for the first time. She went to the University of Palermo and studied anything that was Mafia-related until eventually returning to Gotham City. The killer of her parents is already dead, but Helena still cannot answer the question why she was spared. While Helena looks at the files Robin gave her, Vic goes outside to take care of a man who is obviously observing Helena's appartment. Vic finds out that he works for Santo Cassamento. This suddenly makes sense because Helena just looked at a picture which was taken by the FBI and shows her mother together with Cassamento. Helena puts on her costume and asks Cassamento straight on what his relationship with her mom was. Cassemento points out the obvious ... he is Helena's father!


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