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Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood Vol 1 6


Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood Vol 1 6

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"Cry for Blood: Part Six": Huntress has confronted Santo Cassamento regarding an old photo showing him together with Helena's mother Maria. Cassemento claims that he is Helena's father. According to

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Synopsis for "Cry for Blood: Part Six"

Huntress has confronted Santo Cassamento regarding an old photo showing him together with Helena's mother Maria. Cassemento claims that he is Helena's father. According to him, Maria was treated badly by her husband Franco and, thus, she found comfort with him. When the Sicilian mafia boss Stefano Mandragora ordered to wipe out the Bertinellis, Santo passed on the order but with the condition to "spare the sister". But he meant to spare Tomaso's sister Maria and not the little sister which was Helena. This fueled Santo's hate for Helena and by trying to frame her he actually wants to use her abilities for his criminal business.

Later, Huntress stands on a roof thinking about these revelations. She is approached by Nightwing who confirms what Cassamento told Helena (proven by a D.N.A. test run by Batman). Backed into a corner, Helena decides to accept the invitation to the wedding of her female cousin Monica and she will be accompanied by Vic Sage. Helena takes advantage of a Sicilian tradition and asks a favor from her uncle Tomaso Panessa.

Over the next days, Huntress not only busts up her "new" brother Mario, but also makes Santo Cassamento take his place to make a deal. But in a warehouse at the pier its Tomaso Panessa awaiting Santo. He kills him in retribution for the death of his sister. Huntress called the police so that Tomaso gets arrested. The Question still is more than unhappy that Huntress got Santo killed although she did not do it herself directly ...


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