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Batman/Superman Vol 1 6


Batman/Superman Vol 1 6

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"Boss Fight": Toymaster has just learned, to his surprise, that the virtual reality game he created and is currently testing isn't virtual at all. Somehow, he has given his friends the ability to control real super-heroes and villains in battle against [[Kal-El

Quote1 But he's still Superman. That big, booming, patronizing voice. Thinks he knows it all. But he has no idea who I am now. Who we are. Heh. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "Boss Fight"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Alfonso Champion
  • Janice Everson
  • Aquaman (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Wonder Woman (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Catwoman (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Shazam (On a TV or computer screen)




Synopsis for "Boss Fight"

Toymaster has just learned, to his surprise, that the virtual reality game he created and is currently testing isn't virtual at all. Somehow, he has given his friends the ability to control real super-heroes and villains in battle against Superman and Batman. The latter of the two has just been defeated by Mongul, and as Superman approaches, he can see with his X-ray vision that not everything about Hiro Okamura's shop is of Terran origin.

Given how badly Batman is beaten, Superman assumes he is dead, and that fills him with a rage - an unnatural kind of rage - that comes out violently as he fights Mongul. Unfortunately, Mongul seems to enjoy his anger. Regardless, he punches Mongul into the atmosphere, and sees to Batman in the moments bought by it. Unfortunately, his suspicions that Batman is dead prove true, and he angrily demands to know what is going on. He already knows that Hiro is using alien technology to create nano-tech constructs for something. He is unaware that that something is the game that Jimmy Olsen, Alfonso Champion, and Janice Everson are playing - equally unaware that it is not a game.

At that moment, the game awards Jimmy a new avatar - that of Batman. Within moments, he has claimed his reward, and Batman begins to rise to his feet, to Superman's surprise - and his own. Superman explains that a nano-tech cloud must have rebuilt Batman's body, but he is still not breathing. Eager to get to the fighting part of the game, Jimmy tries to force Batman to fight Superman, but the Dark Knight resists. After a struggle, Batman comes to realize that Jimmy is one of a few people trying to control him through a remote network. Upon learning of Jimmy's involvement, Superman warns him to stop, and this clues Jimmy in to the fact that all of this is real.

Worried about Mongul's plans, Batman attempts to destroy the game console, but Superman warns him against it, lest he end up killing himself in his current condition. The nanobots may not keep him alive once it is destroyed. Batman resists, but his remote-operators wrest control of his body away from him, reminding that Superman is right, and if this isn't a game, the real world needs a Batman. At that moment, Mongul returns, and Superman and Batman both fly off to stop him, noting that both of them feel angrier than they should.

Turning to Agnes Samson for help in resolving the situation, Hiro is upset to find that she is not willing. She explains that Mongul seeded Golden Fury blossoms around the world, and they've finished sporing in cities with the highest concentration of gamers. The spores increase aggression in humans, and these gamers are eager to get started playing the alpha launch of the "game". As the new players begin joining the game, they overpower Jimmy and company's control, and their hate and anger begin to fill Batman's body. So moved, he begins to attack Superman again.

As the titans fight, Mongul revels in the destruction. Agnes reports that within an hour, the entire planet will be playing the game, and he will control them all.


  • This book was first published on December 4, 2013.
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