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Batman: Black and White Vol 1
Cover for the Batman: Black and White Vol 1 Trade Paperback

This paperback collects the four comic books of the miniseries Batman: Black and White. It consists of twenty short Batman stories in black and white. The stories were originally published between June and September, 1996.

This paperback collects the stories from the following comic books:

  • Perpetual Mourning
  • Two of a Kind
  • The Hunt
  • Petty Crimes
  • The Devil's Trumpet
  • Legend
  • Monster Maker
  • Dead Boys Eyes
  • The Devil's Children
  • A Black and White World
  • Good Evening, Midnight
  • In Dreams
  • Heist
  • Bent Twigs
  • A Slaying Song Tonight
  • An Innocent Guy
  • Monsters in the Closet
  • Heroes
  • Leavetaking
  • A Black and White World

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