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Batman: Blackgate - Isle of Men Vol 1 1


Batman: Blackgate - Isle of Men Vol 1 1

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"Cataclysm, Part Eight: Isle of Men": A man named Jared Manx is convicted in Blackgate Penitentiary and sentenced to death for the murders of two children their mother; and he was going to be executed at midnight. He gets a visit from his lawyer and a nun to comfort him

Quote1 Guards now are being dead. You first KGBeast will be killing... dead by "idiot"... and guards will be killing after! All guards in prison -- plus all to be wanting guards hostage! All being dead -- all being killed by KGBeast! Quote2
-- KGBeast

Appearing in "Cataclysm, Part Eight: Isle of Men"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mason (Single appearance)
  • Blackgate Prison Guards
  • Jeffers (Single appearance)
  • Peterson (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Cataclysm, Part Eight: Isle of Men"

A man named Jared Manx is convicted in Blackgate Penitentiary and sentenced to death for the murders of two children their mother; and he was going to be executed at midnight. He gets a visit from his lawyer and a nun to comfort him during his last moments alive and he keep telling them that he was innocent. Just when they were speaking, the earthquake struck Blackgate damaging one of the prison's walls and most of the inner structure. A tidal wave also hit Blackgate drowning most of the prison's lower cells. Jared's cell opened and he was freed and instead of trying to escape he helped his lawyer and the nun. The water keep rising so Jared decided to open the remaining cells of the drowned floor. Jared, the lawyer, the nun and the prisoners started to climb up towards the upper floor; and when they made it, the prisoners went berserk and attacked the Blackgate guards in order to free all the inmates.

One of the guards took a radio and sent a message to Gotham's mainland about their situation but before he was able to describe the events, KGBeast found him and killed him. However, the signal was received by Barbara Gordon at the Gotham City Police Headquarters. She radioed for help to be sent immediately to Blackgate. Batman's cowl received the message and he decided to go and help the people in Blackgate.

Jared Manx did his best to protect the lawyer and the nun and he took them to the infirmary to take care of their wounds but KGBeast found him and both men started to fight each other. With a little help from Catman, Jared managed to escape from KGBeast and find a shelter for him and the two ladies.

Batman swam to Blackgate and some of the inmated tried to escape using a rock path to Gotham. When the aftershock struck, most of them fell to the sea. Batman arrived to Blackgate and contacted the helicopters that were surrounding the isle and told them about the situation down in the prison. Batman knocked every inmate that crossed him and he made his way to the rooftop were most of the inmates were attacking the choppers. Batman used a smoke pellet to distract most of the inmates and to give the helicopters enough time to safely land of the rooftop and take the prisoners.

KGBeast found Manx and he moved part of a column to him. Manx hold the column with his hands to prevent it from killing the lawyer and the nun. Manx told them both to run but they refused to leave him alone. Manx then told them both that he actually killed the children and their mother and that they were also his kids. Batman arrived in time to put KGBeast out of action and he managed to save the two ladies. Unfortunately, at midnight. Jared Manx was crushed by the column and killed at the moment he was supposed to die.

Batman took the women outside to safety and the ladies were sure about Manx's lie, but they were not sure when and about what he lied.

Once the problems were solved at Blackgate, Batman headed to Gotham City to the biggest chaos.



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This issue is a part of the Cataclysm crossover that swept through all Batman Family Titles during 1998. Gotham City was almost completely destroyed by a massive earthquake. This story led into the events that would eventually create No Man's Land.