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in: Shane Davis/Cover Artist, Barbara Ciardo/Cover Artist, Fabian Nicieza/Writer Bryan Q. Miller/Writer, Mike W. Barr/Writer, Derek Fridolfs/Writer, Marc Andreyko/Writer, Adam Beechen/Writer, Cliff Richards/Penciler, Ramon Bachs/Penciler, Pere Pérez/Penciler, Javier Saltares/Penciler, Peter Nguyen/Penciler, Agustin Padilla/Penciler, Szymon Kudranski/Penciler, Scott McDaniel/Penciler, Cliff Richards/Inker, John Lucas/Inker, Rebecca Buchman/Inker, Walden Wong/Inker, Ryan Winn/Inker, Agustin Padilla/Inker, Szymon Kudranski/Inker, Andy Owens/Inker, Ian Hannin/Colourist, Guy Major/Colourist, Pete Pantazis/Colourist, John Kalisz/Colourist, Brian Buccellato/Colourist, Dave Sharpe/Letterer, Mike Marts/Editor, Janelle Asselin/Editor, Sean Ryan/Editor, Harvey Richards/Editor, Collected Editions, 2011, July (Publication), Bruce Wayne: The Road Home Vol 1/Collections, Executive Editor Credit Needed

Batman: Bruce Wayne - The Road Home (Collected)


Batman: Bruce Wayne - The Road Home (Collected)

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This paperback collects the Bruce Wayne: The Road Home storyline. It was originally published in eight one-shots in December, 2010. This storyline was written by six different writers and eight different illustrators.

In this story Bruce Wayne have been missing, but Gotham City’s criminals and crime-fighters kept the action alive in his absence. When Bruce Wayne made a long return trip to the land of the living, Batman finally gets a chance to reunite with those characters closest to him, featuring Batman’s greatest allies and enemies, friends, foes and loved ones.

This paperback collects the following comic books:

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