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Batman: Dark Victory Vol 1 10


Batman: Dark Victory Vol 1 10

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"Justice": The fourth of July in Gotham City, Alfred Pennyworth starts some fireworks to try and cheer up Dick Grayson, who feels abandoned when his guardian Bruce Wayne leaves him alone because he

Quote1 Harvey Dent. You are under arrest. Quote2
-- James Gordon

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Synopsis for "Justice"

The fourth of July in Gotham City, Alfred Pennyworth starts some fireworks to try and cheer up Dick Grayson, who feels abandoned when his guardian Bruce Wayne leaves him alone because he has "other plans".

Later, Commissioner Gordon has decided that the evidence incriminating Harvey Dent in the "hangman killings" is too much to stay inactive. Gordon takes some of the special crimes units with him to the sewers, where Dent is supposed to be hiding. In the shadows, Batman follows them in order to provide some protection if needed.

Two-Face realizes that the police has found him and that he needs to escape somehow. Dent asks Mister Freeze to create an ice wall to delay the police from reaching them and then he tells The Mad Hatter to spread the word and get everybody out of the sewers.

Gordon decides to split the team and he goes with Julia Lopez, while Lauren Wilcox and King go the other way. Gordon and Lopez encounter Mister Freeze and he attacks them. Gordon avoids the freezing beam from Freeze's cold gun but Lopez is trapped in a block of ice. Gordon frees her and in the meantime, Freeze escapes. After freeing Lopez, Gordon starts to look out for Dent and Freeze. Batman follows his moves very closely and he stops Mad Hatter from shooting Gordon, kocking out the little deranged man. Gordon doesn't notice the incident as he was trying to communicate with Wilcox and King, who apparently are in danger. When Gordon reachs their position, he finds that King has been hanged and killed. Two-Face is near the corpse, holding Wilcox as a human shield against Gordon. Gordon tells Harvey to drop the gun and surrender, and after some tense moments, Dent does as Gordon told him, allowing Jim to place him under arrest. Batman contemplates the scene, hardly believing how things used to be in the past.

Later that night, in Haly's Circus, a man that works for Tony Zucco is threatening Mr. Haly by reminding him what happened to the Graysons. Suddenly, a rock smashed the window of the office and the man goes outside and finds little Dick Grayson, who asks him to tell whatever he knows about the death of the Graysons, but a second man attacks Dick from behind. At that moment, Batman arrives and takes the man out and tells them to stay off the circus, while Dick passes out.

Dick recovers and wakes in the Batcave, where he questions Batman and his motives for caring so much for him, believing that even Bruce Wayne doesn't care for him. Batman takes off his cowl and reveals his true identity to Dick, and he tells him that they have much to discuss.


  • This book was first published on July 19, 2000.
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