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"Secrets": In an attempt to gain more insight into the Hangman, Batman interrogates the Riddler, as the killer seems to share his penchant for leaving behind clues to his identity. He gives the Riddler a copy of the newspaper clipping pinned to Chief O’Hara’s body,

Quote1 ...I'd have to guess that this is a game being played by two people. Quote2
-- Riddler

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Synopsis for "Secrets"

In an attempt to gain more insight into the Hangman, Batman interrogates the Riddler, as the killer seems to share his penchant for leaving behind clues to his identity. He gives the Riddler a copy of the newspaper clipping pinned to Chief O’Hara’s body, and tells him to study it and to contact him when he has something.

Gordon receives a visit from his predecessor, Gil Loeb, who harbors some bitterness over being removed from office. Gordon got lucky with Holiday, as his victims were cheap hoods, but now that there is a cop killer on their hands, the City Council has doubts about Gordon’s effectiveness. Gordon tells Loeb that he earned his position, whereas Loeb lost it in a cesspool of corruption and graft. Loeb chides Gordon for his naivety, telling him to not to get too comfortable in the Commissioner’s chair, he’ll be getting it back soon.

At the Batcave, Batman is poring over the forensic data from O’Hara’s murder. O’Hara’s neck wasn’t broken like in a traditional hanging, and he was hoisted from the ground in a manner that precluded him from putting up any sort of fight. This suggests that the killer has tremendous physical strength, or is utilizing strategically placed automated traps. Batman tells Alfred he cannot be certain, as Porter's refusal to work with him has limited his access to police evidence. He is now suspecting that Two-Face has a hand in the recent events, but he was wrong about Holiday, he cannot afford to be wrong again. Alfred reminds him that even Batman is capable of making mistakes, and Bruce confides that he was close to sharing his secret to Harvey. He wonders if things would have been different if he had been more trusting.

Mario summons Gordon and Porter to his father’s gravesite, noting that the disappearance of his body has his sister on edge. He is willing to work with the police to prove that he is sincere about cleaning up his family’s reputation. Their meeting is interrupted by Sofia, Mr. Mirti, and two armed bodyguards. Sofia tells Mario that since Gordon cannot protect his own men, he cannot be entrusted with the safety of her family. The gunmen with her are private investigators who are licensed to carry firearms, and they have a judge to back that up. After the Falcones leave, Porter apologizes to Gordon for dragging him into this. She knows about his marital problems, and it’s not her intention to make things worse for him at work. Gordon acknowledges they may have gotten off on the wrong foot, and asks Porter if she has any plans for Thanksgiving dinner. Porter reveals that she does, despite being too new in town to form any real friendships.

At the Falcone estate, Alberto is smoking a cigarette in his private study when he hears a disembodied voice, who tells him that he cannot stop now, or they will forget about him. Alberto frantically searches the room for the source of the voice, but finds nothing.

Porter is sleeping at the Hotel Essex, when a mysterious stranger makes his way to her room. She has been expecting him, and the two make love. Meanwhile, Selina Kyle has Thanksgiving dinner with Bruce and Alfred.

The Riddler summons Batman with a demented parody of the Batsignal, revealing what he’s found out about the newspaper clipping. He offers a brief explanation to the rules of the Hangman puzzle, noting that it cannot be played alone. More than likely, there are two killers at work.

Loeb is hanged in his home. Stationery from Harvey Dent's office is pinned to his shirt, featuring a second Hangman puzzle, which spells out “Two can play this game.”


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