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Batman: Dark Victory Vol 1 5

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"Love": Nearly a week after their arrest, Pino and Umberto Maroni are still in jail, which has Pino grumbling. Umberto reminds them that their father had done harder time. Lucia Viti arrives to post their bail. She tells the brothers she is looking to make new fr

Quote1 What am I to you? An ally? Competition? Some stupid damsel in distress? I know there's something about me you want. I can tell. You go all rigid when I'm around. Let's do it. Right now. Take off the masks. No secrets. Quote2
-- Catwoman

Appearing in "Love"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Henry Gustavson (First appearance)
  • Mark O'Connor (First appearance)




Synopsis for "Love"

Nearly a week after their arrest, Pino and Umberto Maroni are still in jail, which has Pino grumbling. Umberto reminds them that their father had done harder time. Lucia Viti arrives to post their bail. She tells the brothers she is looking to make new friends, and asks Pino what happened to his arm.

A month later, Batman is tracking down Sergeant Frank Pratt, as he believes he might become the Hangman’s next target. Armed with a sniper rifle, Pratt ambushes Batman, shooting him in the chest. Batman's body armor protects him, but the force still knocks him out. Before Pratt can finish him off, the Hangman strikes, killing him. Batman awakens to see Gordon accompanied by two recruits from his Special Task Force, Henry Gustavson and Mark O’Connor. They point out Pratt’s body hanging from the water tower, with a Hangman puzzle that reads "Guilty as Sin." Gustasvon and O’Connor are openly hostile toward Batman, while Gordon rebukes him for confronting Pratt alone.

Catwoman corners the Riddler at Marlin Cafe and demands to know where Carmine Falcone’s body is hidden. The Riddler warns she might not like the answer, but she insists that she will take her chances. He tells her the body is hidden in plain sight, which prompts her to visit the morgue. But as she takes a closer inspection of the unidentified corpses, an unknown figure knocks her out.

At the Falcone estate, Alberto tells Mario and Sofia that their father is still alive. Sofia angrily insists that she saw Two-Face put two bullets in his head. Alberto reminds her of how his own death was faked, and suggests that she saw what their father wanted her to see.

Catwoman wakes up to find herself trapped in a coffin, about to be cremated. Batman rescues her just in time, telling her that the Riddler tipped him off to her whereabouts. He tells her that Falcone’s body is not in the morgue, and he doubts it ever was. Catwoman asks Batman about the nature of their relationship, while Batman wants to know how she is connected to the Falcones. Neither is willing to answer the other's question.

Gordon returns to his house to find that Barbara and James Jr have moved back in. It appears that he has finally gotten his wish about them being a family again.

Bruce visits Selina’s apartment, to find movers loading her personal effects. Their foreman hands Bruce a letter that Selina left for him. In it, she explains that after being stood up two holidays in a row, she concluded that a relationship between them is impossible. She knows that he has the resources to find her, but she doesn’t want to be found.

At the Hotel Essex, Porter dresses for work while giving her mystery boyfriend intel on Gustavson and O’Connor. The boyfriend’s identity is revealed to be Two-Face.



  • The name of former police officer Branden is misspelled as Brandon.

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