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Batman: Dark Victory Vol 1 8


Batman: Dark Victory Vol 1 8

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"Battle": On Mother's Day in Gotham City, Joker attacks the Maroni Crime Family at their restaurant. Umberto and Pino Maroni manage to hold the line until Joker's car explodes, killing the four henchmen insi

Quote1 I warned you back in Arkham-- I'd be watching you... waiting for the day you'd pick up that gun again. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "Battle"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Henry Gustavson (Dies)




Synopsis for "Battle"

On Mother's Day in Gotham City, Joker attacks the Maroni Crime Family at their restaurant. Umberto and Pino Maroni manage to hold the line until Joker's car explodes, killing the four henchmen inside, but the Joker manages to escape through the sewer. Moments later, the Gotham City Police Department arrive at the crime scene, where Batman is already investigating. Batman deduces that Joker used the sewers to escape and that the rest of the Arkham escapees are using them as well. D.A. Janice Porter arrives at the scene and is disturbed by Batman's presence in a crime scene investigation, but before she could tell Batman anything, he was gone.

Later, in the Falcone Penthouse, Mario Falcone is hosting a meeting to discuss business with Gotham's bankers. Bruce Wayne is among them and just as they start discussing, Joker appears in the window and starts shooting at them. Bruce and Mario find cover behind a desk and when the shooting stop, Joker was gone and the bankers were dead. Bruce wonders why Joker attacked the Maronis and Falcones the same day.

At the GCPD Headquarters, James Gordon and Janice Porter share an elevator and they discuss the recent attack on the Falcones. Porter reminds Gordon that he must be cautious with a cop killer on the loose and he tells her that he already has a bodyguard. When they reach the parking lot, they find Officer Henry Gustavson, Gordon's bodyguard, hanged on top of his car with a hangman note attached to his dead body.

That night at the Falcone Estate near Wayne Manor, someone has break inside the house and killed the servant Angelo Mirti and then, the same person pushes Sofia Falcone down the stairs on her wheelchair. The responsible is the Joker, who tells Sofia that he thinks she can actually move, and that if she doesn't get up until he counts three, he will shoot her and kill her. At that moment, Joker is shot in the shoulder by Alberto Falcone; a.k.a. Holiday. Batman breaks his way inside the house and takes down Falcone but Sofia tells him that the Joker is the true menace. Batman follows the clown outside the house and knocks him out. The day is almost over and Batman regrets not being able to visit his mother's grave on mother's day.

At that moment in Haly's Circus, Tony Zucco talks to Mr. Haly and tries to convince him to let him use the circus as a way to transport "stuff" across the state lines. Haly wasn't completely sure but Zucco forces him by threatening the circus' main attraction: The Flying Graysons. The whole scene was being watched by the kid, Dick Grayson.

Bruce returns to Wayne Manor, where Alfred gives him his daily mail. There is a couple of tickets and Alfred reminds him that he was going to take Selina Kyle to the circus after he made a donation. Bruce doesn't feel like going to the circus, but Alfred reminds him that the donation was done to the Martha Wayne foundation and he feels that Bruce must attend to The Haly Circus.


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  • Joker's assumption that Sofia Falcone can actually move, proves that he knew somehow, the identity of the hangman killer.

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