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Batman: Day of Judgment Vol 1 1


Batman: Day of Judgment Vol 1 1

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"Original Gangsters": As a result of the Day of Judgement events, some of the most prolific criminals of Gotham City of the 40's were coming allive. The leader, Johnny Maggot, started gathering his old gang in order to retake control of the city. However, the dead gangsters didn't realiz

Quote1 I never thought a lot of things would happen in my lifetime. An city under siege--least of all this madness. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "Original Gangsters"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Tommy-Gum (Single appearance)
  • Krissy (Single appearance)
  • Ivan (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Original Gangsters"

As a result of the Day of Judgement events, some of the most prolific criminals of Gotham City of the 40's were coming allive. The leader, Johnny Maggot, started gathering his old gang in order to retake control of the city. However, the dead gangsters didn't realize that Gotham City has been declared No Man's Land and was separated from the rest of the country.

At Oracle's Watchtower; Batman informed Barbara that he was needed in the Justice League to help with the Day of Judgement and that he would soon be back but in the meantime, it was up to her, Nightwing and Robin to take care of the situation in Gotham.

Robin and Nightwing were patrolling the city and found that there have been several explosions around the city due to gas leaks in the main gas line.

Meanwhile, Maggot managed to join back his gang and after learning the secret location of a stash of weapons, they went to the cemetery to take the arms and use them to take over Gotham. A couple of kids that worked for Barbara spotted the group of gangsters and called Barbara to inform her about the suspicious activity. One of the kids went to take a closer look at the gangsters despite Barbara's orders to stay away. Barbara contacted Robin and Nightwing and told the to get to the cemetery as soon as possible.

The gangsters spotted the kids and took them as hostages. Maggot wanted to know who was the person they were working for and the kids told him about Barbara. Nightwing and Robin arrived just in time to prevent the zombie-gangsters from hurting the kids. Barbara did a research on the thugs and found out that they died almost 60 years ago. When Nightwing and Robin learned that they were fighting the dead, they attacked without mercy and vanished them from the earth. However, while they were fighting, Maggot took one of the kids, dragged her with him and wanted her to show him the way to Barbara's place.

When Nightwing and Robin finished with all of the dead guys, they went straight to the Watchtower. However, Maggot arrived there first and attacked Barbara. Robin arrived in time to stop Maggot from hurting her but Maggot was too strong for Robin in his weakened state. Maggot was ready to deliver his final blow when Nightwing appeared and tackled him down. Suddenly, the floor started to crack and Maggot was standing just above the place where the crack was opening. Maggot's body was consumed by the fire of the explosion caused by another gas leak in the gas line.

The threat of the dead gangsters was over and now, Barbara, Dick and Tim were thinking what would they tell Batman when he returned to Gotham and how would they explain all that just happened.



  • As in Nightwing #39; Oracle's Clock Tower is heavy damaged and this time it is almost completely destroyed. However, in later issues of the crossover, the towers appear undamaged.
  • There is a Batman doll in Barbara's desk.
  • There are references to Scooby-Doo and to The Godfather film; including the credit box's label for Darren Vincenzo.

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