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"Officer Down, Part Seven: The End": It has been two weeks since James Gordon was shot by Jordan Reynolds aka Officer Rich, a man whose life had been destroyed after Gordon had arrested him many years ago. He i

Quote1 This morning I informed Mayor Dickerson of my intention to retire. As of midnight, after over twenty years, I'll no longer be a cop. [...] There's one more thing I want to say. Each of you has honored me with your service. Each of you has made me proud. Quote2
-- James Gordon

Appearing in "Officer Down, Part Seven: The End"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Davy (bartender at Kelly's Plough) (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "Officer Down, Part Seven: The End"

It has been two weeks since James Gordon was shot by Jordan Reynolds aka Officer Rich, a man whose life had been destroyed after Gordon had arrested him many years ago. He is out of hospital, walking with the use of a cane, and has made a very difficult decision - he is to retire. He speaks to the Mayor about it, then goes to speak to the GCPD Major Crimes Unit personally, to explain and to say goodbye They do not take it very well, particularly Harvey Bullock and even more so Renee Montoya, who blames herself for their inability to prove that Reynolds was the man responsible. Before he goes, Gordon introduces the new Commissioner, Michael Akins, to the Batman, but the meeting does not go well, as Batman does not agree with Gordon's decision and is angered that his old friend did not speak to him about it beforehand (though Gordon does point out that it's not exactly easy to contact Batman).

Soon afterwards, Montoya calls in sick, and Bullock suspects he knows where she's gone - to Rich's apartment to make him pay for what he did to the Commissioner. He stops her from shooting the man, but threatens him himself as he leaves. Stacy helps the former Commissioner move his things out of police headquarters, and later Gordon and Batman have a more reasonable talk, where the Dark Knight is persuaded to give Akins a chance. Still later, Jordan Rich's apartment stands empty, with a bloodstain on the floor...

Appearing in "Batman Black and White: Funny Money"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Argutti (Single appearance)
  • Mr Sweets (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Packard (a treasury agent) (Single appearance)
  • Arnie Kielczewski (a treasury agent) (Single appearance)
  • Kaes Poppinger (a master engraver) (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Batman Black and White: Funny Money"

Batman is asked to aid some treasury agents. Someone has stolen rolls of the 'paper from Dalton', which is used to print US currency. At the same time, a master Swiss engraver has entered the country - he has been intercepted by the treasury, but he will not tell them where his plates are for pressing new currency, nor where he is to meet his American contact. Batman is able to get him to talk simply by standing silently in the man's cell - when the engraver cracks, he agrees to help Batman. The plates are handed over and the currency is pressed. When Batman and the Treasury agents arrive, the forgers mock them, saying that as what they have is indistinguishable from genuine money, there is no evidence that a crime has been committed. Batman casually invites them to examine one of the bills under a microscope; he had the engraver add a flaw to the plates - in one window of the White House, his minute figure can be seen waving at them, along with the words, "YOU*ARE*SO*BUSTED*".


  • This is the seveth and final part of the storyline Batman: Officer Down. The story continues from Detective Comics #754.
  • The events of this issue takes place two weeks after James Gordon was shot. This issue marks Gordon's retirement as Police Commissioner and the assignment of Michael Akins as the new Commissioner. Mackenzie Bock is also confirmed as Chief of Police.


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