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Batman: Gotham Knights Vol 1 56


Batman: Gotham Knights Vol 1 56

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"War Games: Act 1, Part 4 of 8: Rules of Engagement": On the rooftops of Gotham, a mysterious man offers Hush to join his ranks in the upcoming gang war, but Hush refuses. He has teamed up with Prometheus and has his

Quote1 This city has a way of making life hard on girls who think they can take it on by themselves. Quote2
-- Batgirl

Appearing in "War Games: Act 1, Part 4 of 8: Rules of Engagement"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Saunders (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "War Games: Act 1, Part 4 of 8: Rules of Engagement"

On the rooftops of Gotham, a mysterious man offers Hush to join his ranks in the upcoming gang war, but Hush refuses. He has teamed up with Prometheus and has his own agenda.

Penguin holds an auction for guns and metahumans among the Gotham Organized Crime. Meanwhile, Nightwing retrieves some of the stolen weapons by Penguin, however, he and Oracle are not handling the situation properly. Batman stops their fight and sends Batgirl to talk with Tarantula and tell her to join Orpheus' gang.

At that moment, The Odessa mob discusses a merger and Alexandra Kosov kills one of her most loyal henchman for disagreeing with her.

Batgirl arrives on the turf of the Latino Unified Gangs and they try to run her off, but she easily deal with them until Tarantula joins the fight. She takes the fight away from her people before pausing to listen to Batgirl's offer, which she refuses.

Alexandra Kosov's gang teams with Saunders to take on Scarface. Saunders prepares his gang to strike, but soon he discovers that he has been double crossed and Scarface's gang wipes Saunder's people out.

Penguin unsuccessfully tries to hire some additional muscle and Hush refuses his proposal as well. Penguin tries to convince him to join by teasing him with Riddler's location, but Hush forces Penguin to tell the truth about it. Penguin doesn't really know Riddler's location and Hush warns Penguin about lying to him.

The Odessa mob and their leader Alexandra, join Scarface's gang and hatch a plan to attack the next big crime boss in Gotham, Henry Aquista by targetting his daughter Darla.



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