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Batman: Gotham Knights Vol 1 57


Batman: Gotham Knights Vol 1 57

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"War Games: Act 2, Part 4 of 8: The Light at the End of the Tunnel": After the blackout in Gotham City, Batman contacts Tarantula and tells her to deal with the man responsible for the blackout; [[Oswald Cobble

Quote1 Everything that's happened I planned for. Every variable, every murder and double cross. I should've realized it earlier but I didn't. And now it's too late. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "War Games: Act 2, Part 4 of 8: The Light at the End of the Tunnel"

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Synopsis for "War Games: Act 2, Part 4 of 8: The Light at the End of the Tunnel"

After the blackout in Gotham City, Batman contacts Tarantula and tells her to deal with the man responsible for the blackout; Penguin.

At that same moment, Spoiler runs across the rooftops of Gotham in order to reach Orpheus. Spoiler realized that if Batman and Matches Malone are the same person, the key to end the gang war is Orpheus. However, the way to her goal is full of dangers and she is soon attacked by a mysterious group of men. Spoiler barely makes it and keeps looking for Orpheus.

Batman talks to Oracle and he realizes that he has predicted mostly everything that would happen and he understands that the reason for that is because he planned it all.

Tarantula gets rid of the main security and she is attacked by Killer Croc, Suicide King and Trickster. They are no match for her and she takes them down using some darts. Deadshot attacks Tarantula from behind, but she dodges Deadshot's attacks and disarms him. After a brief fight, Tarantula knocks Deadshot unconscious and takes his arm gun from him. Tarantula finds Penguin and tells him to get out of Gotham City once and for all, because everybody out there believes that he is the man behind the gang war. Penguin doesn't understand why would they think that and Tarantula reveals that she has been spreading the word.

Meanwhile, Batman contacts Alfred and asks him to check an specific file on the Batcomputer and to send it to his mini computer. Batman reads the file and understands how he must proceed. However, Batman also asks Alfred for information about the last entry to that file and Alfred tells him that it was Stephanie, around the time when she was fired as Robin. Batman contacts the Bat-Family and he tells them that this gang war is the result of one of his contingency plans gone wrong. He explains that the plan was supposed to get all the criminal gangs in Gotham under their control by making Orpheus the leader. Batman tells them that the only way to get the whole situation under control is to find Orpheus and keep him alive.

Spoiler keeps going on her way to find Orpheus and she is stalled by a street gang. Spoiler takes down the leader and tells the rest to take him to the East End Clinic. After that, Spoiler finally gets to the building were Orpheus was waiting for her. However, as soon as she tells Orpheus that he is a key member in the whole plan, a mysterious attacker grabs him from behind and slits his throat open in front of Spoiler, after which the attacker questions the girl about the plan she was talking about.



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