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This paperback collects the Gotham Underground storyline. This storyline originally was published in its own nine-part comic book series Gotham Underground from December, 2007 to August, 2008. The story was written by Frank Tieri and illustrated by Jim Calafiore.

In this story Gotham City is plagued with crime and corruption in places high and low, but one man has taken a stand against evil of all forms: the dark avenger known as Batman. Deep in the Gotham criminal underworld, a gang war is brewing between Penguin and Tobias Whale, two evil masterminds hellbent on controlling the flow of corruption and reaping the rewards. As his criminal alter ego, Matches Malone, Batman goes under cover to investigate, but with jail time, vengeful enemies and the crossfire between Gotham's two deadliest crime bosses to deal with, he might wish he'd kept the cape on.

This paperback collects the following comic books:

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