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Batman: In Darkest Knight


Batman: In Darkest Knight

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"Batman: In Darkest Knight": The story begins with Bruce Wayne sitting in a chair after a car accident afraid he might have to die.

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Synopsis for "Batman: In Darkest Knight"

The story begins with Bruce Wayne sitting in a chair after a car accident afraid he might have to die.

Bruce suddenly hears a voice. It says "You have been chosen Bruce. You shall receive power, Bruce Wayne. Power to bring justice to this far-flung section of space." Bruce then goes into his yard and sees a dying Green Lantern. Bruce had been awaiting this since the night his parents died. He was now a Green Lantern, one of many, one of the noblest calling imaginable. He would fight injustice, on this planet and many others. The Green Lantern then dies, but Bruce realizes his purpose. The Green Lantern's death gave him the way.

The ring tells Bruce what he can do and what he must do to maintain the ring's' power. He makes an oath: "In the brightest day, in the darkest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might beware my power, Green Lantern's light." Bruce swears never to betray his oath. He now has the power to make them afraid. All he now requires is the aspect.

The ring is as strong as his will. If he wants to be bullet proof, he is. It's wonderful. He can do anything he can think of.

Ganthet then congresses with him and says his presence is required in the matter of a sentient designated "Sinestro," the Green lantern who had abused his power, using it to increase his own treasure and to abuse the rights of the innocent.

Bruce then flies to another world where he meets Sinestro. A battle between the two ensues. Bruce uses Sinestro’s overconfidence to his advantage and defeats him. He then replaces Sinestro with Katma Tui as the green lanterm of that sector.

Bruce captures Sinestro and brings him to the headquarters of the Green Lantern Corps on Oa. It is as spectacular as anything he had ever imagined. For the first time, Bruce begins to be aware of what he is a part of. Sinestro receives his punishment and is transported to the anti-matter universe of Qward where he is granted a Yellow ring.

Sinestro then goes to Gotham, where via Gordon (who he kills) he is led to Joe Chill. Sinestro absorbs Joe Chill's mind killing him and going insane. Bruce finds Joe Chill dead and is attack by Sinestro now dressed in a purple suit. Bruce eventually comes out on top and Sinestro runs away. He searches for Sinestro for days, but he was unable to find him. During his search, Cat (Star Sapphire) and Harvey Dent who have been transformed by Sinestro ambush him. He overcomes them but they teleport away.

Bruce continues his search but is still unable to locate them, for Sinestro’s yellow cloaking field cannot be penetrated by his power-ringed satellites. Meanwhile, Sinestro uses his ring to wreck havoc throughout Bruce's sector.

By defying an order made by Ganthet, Bruce was ordered to surrender the ring immediately. Four Lanterns, Katma Tui, Tomar Re, Kilowog, and Arisia are sent to retrieve the ring. While they are occupied fighting, Sinestro with Cat and Harvey Dent breaks into Bruce’s hideout and tampers with his Lantern so that the next time he charges his ring it would kill him. He was unable to complete the job when Green Lanterns Superman, Flash, and Wonder Woman step in to stop him. Sadly though, Alfred died in the midst of battle.

Bruce then leaves the world behind, his possessions, his legacy, and his home. He vows to find Sinestro and get revenge.



  • Batman captures the Red Hood who comments he has had a really bad day.
  • Sinestro has no mustache.
  • After absorbing Joe Chill's mind Sinestro dresses like the Joker and has a split personality like Two Face.

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