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This paperback collects the Who Rules the Night storyline. Who Rules the Night is a Batman storyline published as part of the Batman: Knightfall trilogy. It was written by Chuck Dixon, Alan Grant, and Doug Moench, with illustrations by Jim Aparo, Bret Blevins, Klaus Janson, Kelley Jones, and Graham Nolan.

Knightfall is the first installment in the Batman: Knightfall trilogy, which also includes Knightquest and KnightsEnd. This paperback, Who Rules the Night, collects the second arc of Knightfall, following Batman: Knightfall Part One - Broken Bat. This leads into the Knightquest arcs The Crusade and The Search. The story, which was published between July and October, 1993, deals with Jean-Paul Valley becoming the second Batman. Valley takes down Bane, who broke Bruce Wayne's back.

This paperback collects the following comic books:

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