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Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Vol 1 120


Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Vol 1 120

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"Assembly": Batman told Oracle to call all his allies together while he went to see James Gordon, who told him to leave and punched him. Before leaving, Batman told Gordon that [[Harvey Dent (New Earth)|Two-F

Quote1 I need your help. I thought I could--I thought I needed to do this alone--a "back to basics" approach. I was wrong. No one person can do this alone...No Man's Land is too big...too...dark. The only way to bring light back to Gotham is working together. All of us. Quote2
-- Batman

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Synopsis for "Assembly"

Batman told Oracle to call all his allies together while he went to see James Gordon, who told him to leave and punched him. Before leaving, Batman told Gordon that Two-Face is not the best person to trust as an ally. Gordon replied that he can't trust Batman either but Batman was gone already.

Back at Oracle's, the new girl, Azrael, Robin and Nightwing had assembled. After introductions are made, Batman showed up and asked Nightwing to come with him and for the others to wait at Oracle's place.

Batgirl was kneeling atop the roof of a building, praying and after, she climbed down the building and entered an apartment through the window. She took off her mask, revealing that she is Helena Bertinelli. Batman and Nightwing step out of the shadows and caught her by surprise. Batman told Huntress that if she wanted to work with him, she has to learn to follow orders - something she has had trouble doing in the past. She told him that she will not blindly follow his orders and Batman tells her to stay out of the way. She responds that she can't do that either.

Batman and Nightwing leave and return to Oracle's, where Batman established a plan of attack and assigned them all certain tasks. He also gave the new girl a Batgirl costume just like the one Helena was using. After she changes, the five heroes left Oracle's place and went off to work.



  • At this point, it is revealed that Helena Bertinelli is the mysterious Batgirl who appeared first in No Man's Land #1. From this point on, she stops being Batgirl, as the mantle is given to Cassandra Cain by Batman.
  • Cassandra's name is not yet revealed.

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