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This paperback collects three storylines from the comic book series Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight: Werewolf, Infected and Clay.

Werewolf was written by James Robinson. It was illustrated by John Watkiss. It was published from May to July, 1995 in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight. In this story Batman investigates murders that seem to have been committed by a werewolf.

Infected was written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by John McCrea. It was published in May and June, 1996 in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight. This story is about Batman battling bio-engineered soldiers turned killing-machines.

Clay was written by Alan Grant and illustrated by Enrique Alcatena. It was published in December, 1996 and January, 1997 in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight. In this story Batman faces Clayface.

This paperback collects the following comic book stories:

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