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Batman: Scarecrow Tales (Collected)


Batman: Scarecrow Tales (Collected)

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Batman: Scarecrow Tales
Cover for the Batman: Scarecrow Tales Trade Paperback

This trade paperback collects eight Batman stories in which Scarecrow is the main villain.

This trade paperback reprints Scarecrow stories from the following comic book issues:

This paperback also includes Scarecrow pinups from Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #20 (October, 1986) by Art Adams, Who's Who in the DC Universe #1 (August, 1990) by George Pratt, Batman Chronicles Gallery #1 (May, 1997) by Jim Balent and Bill Sienkiewicz, Batman: Saga of the Dark Knight trading card #51 by Mike Mignola, Batman: Masterpieces (1998) by Dermot Power and a new pinup by Mark Stutzman.

  • The paperback ends with a cover gallery of comic covers with Scarecrow on it.

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