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Batman: Shadow of the Bat Vol 1 32


Batman: Shadow of the Bat Vol 1 32

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"Prodigal: Two": The Ventriloquist and Scarface ambush a drug pusher named Bobby. They kill two of his lieutenants and force Bobby into their limousine. They want Bobby to arrange a meeting between them and his boss Marty Vet

Quote1 Rhino -- da corkscrew! Quote2
-- Scarface

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Synopsis for "Prodigal: Two"

The Ventriloquist and Scarface ambush a drug pusher named Bobby. They kill two of his lieutenants and force Bobby into their limousine. They want Bobby to arrange a meeting between them and his boss Marty Vetch. Bobby refuses to submit to their demands, so Scarface mutilates him with a corkscrew before having his body dumped into the ocean. Scarface plans on sabotaging Vetch's reputation by poisoning his heroin shipments.

Meanwhile at Blackgate Prison, the guards are overworked with the sudden influx of new inmates. The overcrowding is yielding tedious work, but one inmate finds himself released - Harvey Kent. Harvey Dent seizes the chance to fool the guards and gets out of prison using Harvey Kent's identity.

At Wayne Manor, Dick and Tim try to keep the place tidy. They both lament the absence of Alfred and wonder how their former butler is faring. As night comes, they get into costume and go into the Batcave. They analyze a news report concerning shipments of contaminated heroin and soon deduce that the Ventriloquist and Scarface are behind it all. They take the Batmobile down to the Ventriloquist Club in the Wharfdale district and finds themselves in the middle of a firefight between Scarface's mob and Marty Vetch's thugs. Entering the fray, Batman interrogates one of the gangsters and demands to know where Wesker is.

At Marty Vetch's penthouse, the Ventriloquist and Scarface burst in uninvited and announces that they are taking control of Vetch's operations. Batman and Robin smash through the windows and pounce on top of Vetch's men. Wesker and Scarface attempt to flee down a fire escape, but Batman grabs a hold of the Ventriloquist. Scarface orders Wesker to drop him. As he falls, Scarface's henchman Rhino catches the dummy and takes off. The Ventriloquist is taken to jail.

Elsewhere in Gotham, Two-Face stands in an empty room and looks out over the city. He flips his fabled silver dollar and ruminates on his next criminal scheme.



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