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Batman: Shadow of the Bat Vol 1 33

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"Prodigal: Six": Two-Face isn't satisfied with the chaos he's created on Gotham City; according to him there was just one side to the plot and he needed two sides for it to make sense to him. He decided to go and see the man who he was mistake

Quote1 Better you're mature enough to realize your limits than to find out late that you don't. Quote2
-- Batman (Dick Grayson)

Appearing in "Prodigal: Six"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Two-Face
  • Josey (Single appearance)
  • Nate (Single appearance)
  • Tatum (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Harvey Kent (First appearance)
  • Mister Ignatov (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Prodigal: Six"

Two-Face isn't satisfied with the chaos he's created on Gotham City; according to him there was just one side to the plot and he needed two sides for it to make sense to him. He decided to go and see the man who he was mistaken with and because of whom he is free; he set out to meet Harvey Kent.

In the GCPD; Jim Gordon is having a tough time dealing with Mayor Krol, his wife Sarah and his distrust for all the Batmen.

In Blackgate Penitentiary another boat full of convicts arrives but the prison is already full and Ward Zerhard has no option than to let the men inside. The inmates inside Blackgate see this as an opportunity to create a riot in the prison.

At that moment in Gotham City, Two-Face managed to track down Harvey Kent and kidnaps him; meanwhile in Wayne Enterprises a man representing a russian insurance called Troika created a disturbance in Lucius Fox's office. He was taken out of the building by the security guards but he didn't left the place without gunning the guards and killing them.

At that time, the riot in Blackgate began and Warden Zerhard was able to notify the police radio before he was taken down. Jim Gordon was arguing with his wife when he was called to Blackgate. Batman and Robin heard the call from the batcave and decided to make their move. They planned to glide to reach Blackgate by air as they knew that going by water would cause trouble. Robin backed off and decided to let Batman handle the situation. Batman glided to the prison, took down most of the armed inmates and prevented the Arkham inmates to escape. He then projected a batsignal using a searchlight and a batarang. That scared most of the inmates and finally he took down their leader, Tatum. Once the situation was under control the GCPD arrived and Batman left the place thinking of a way to stop Two-Face once and for all. At the same moment, Two-Face was planning his vengeance over the Batman.



  • The character of Harvey Kent is based upon the original Earth-Two version of Two-Face.
  • Harvey Kent lives in Finger Street. A tribute reference to Harvey's co-creator Bill Finger.

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