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Batman: Shadow of the Bat Vol 1 4


Batman: Shadow of the Bat Vol 1 4

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"The Last Arkham (Part IV of IV)": All of the inmates at Arkham Asylum attack Batman en masse. Battered and torn, he manages to persevere and defeats them all. Jeremiah Arkham is disturbed by the turnout, and under the advice of [[V

Quote1 I'm investigating murder, doctor. I can barge into Hell if I want! Quote2
-- Commissioner Gordon

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Synopsis for "The Last Arkham (Part IV of IV)"

All of the inmates at Arkham Asylum attack Batman en masse. Battered and torn, he manages to persevere and defeats them all. Jeremiah Arkham is disturbed by the turnout, and under the advice of Mister Zsasz, moves Batman to a special cell.

At Gotham City Police Headquarters, Nightwing consults with Commissioner Gordon. Gordon tells him about how Batman, Lt. Kitch and he staged the affair that led to Batman's incarceration at Arkham Asylum. He also tells him about the death of Zolly Hiram, an apparent suicide.

At Arkham, Mister Zsasz escapes from his cell by way of a secret tunnel installed by Zolly Hiram when he redesigned the hospital. Crawling through the passage that lies adjacent to Batman's cell, he taps out a message in Morse Code, "Punisher punished. Innocent will die".

Nightwing goes to Zolly Hiram's house and searches the place. He finds out that Hiram was the chief contractor for the Arkham renovations. He finds the blueprints tucked away inside a pocket in a fake book.

Batman finally realizes that Zsasz does in fact have the means to leave Arkham and he escapes from his cell in order to pursue him. Batman finds the hidden tunnel and follows it into the sewer. Nightwing, armed with the layout of the hospital, also knows of the secret passageway and they both corner Zsasz at the same time. Zsasz goes feral and lashes out at the heroes with his knife. Batman deflects the blow and smashes Zsasz out by smashing him face-first into a concrete wall.

They bring Zsasz back to Arkham where they find Commissioner Gordon interviewing Jeremiah Arkham. Batman makes certain that Arkham takes a long, close look at Zsasz to see what madness truly is.


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The Last Arkham
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