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"By Fire... or by Ice?": Batman prevents a man from commiting suidice by jumping from the roof of a building. Batman used his Batrope to tie the man and left him waiting until he came back to free him. Batman was looking the complete devastation caused by the eart

Quote1 Sometimes, it takes death to make you realize how precious life is. Quote2
-- Batman

Appearing in "By Fire... or by Ice?"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Walter Smith


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "By Fire... or by Ice?"

Batman prevents a man from commiting suidice by jumping from the roof of a building. Batman used his Batrope to tie the man and left him waiting until he came back to free him. Batman was looking the complete devastation caused by the earthquake when he discovered a frozen body inside solid ice. Batman knew that it must have been Mister Freeze's doing and started to follow the cold trail left by the villain.

Not far from there, the villain Clayface was climbing out from the centre of the earth, reaching for an open crack on the ground. When he finally reached the outside, he discovered that he has acquired new powers that allowed him to throw burning flames from his extremities. He asked for Batman's location so he can exact his revenge on him for their last encounter.

Batman found Mr. Freeze in the ruins of a movie theater with some diamonds he had looted and both start fighting, but in the end Batman subdued the villain. Batman dragged him outside and left the diamonds inside the collapsed building. Batman was heading to free the man he had tied some time before when out of nowhere he was attacked by Clayface. Karlo was more powerful than the last time they fought and Batman was easily defeated by him as he was trapped in Clayface's burning grip when Mr. Freeze started to recover his consciuousness. Batman told Freeze that he would be killed by Clayface if he didn't stop him. Mr. Freeze's ego saved Batman as he used his Cold Gun to attack Clayface. Clayface resisted Freeze's attack and with his new found strenght, he attacked Freeze and destoryed his cryo-suit. The distraction provided by Freeze was enough for Batman to break the frozen clay over his body and climb over a billboard sign just above Clayface. Batman dropped the billboard sign on Clayface, knocking him out and then he used Freeze's own gun to prevent Freeze from dying and escaping.

The whole scene was witnessed by the suicidal man on the rooftop and when Batman came back to rescue him, the man had changed his mind about commiting suicide. Batman told him that sometimes death can make people appreciate life.

Appearing in "A Long Slow Death"

Featured Characters:

  • Walter Smith
  • Keith Smith

Supporting Characters:

  • Karen Smith
  • David Smith
  • Sonia Smith
  • Julie



Synopsis for "A Long Slow Death"

Three monts ago, Walter Smith dropped his little son by accident, leaving him quadriplegic and unable to speak. Recently he started to have troubles with some gangsters over his business demanding for protection money. The thugs punched him in the face, leaving him bruised all over the face. His employee, Julie kissed him without his conscent.

Once in his home, his wife came to him asking about his bruises and she found lipstick in his clothes. They were arguing when their daughter came to them to tell them about some lights over the street. The lights were beautiful and at the sight of them, their son Keith spoke for the first time in three months. They were overwhelmed with joy and decided to celebrate the good news. When the whole family was at the dining room, Walter Smith went to the kitchen looking for some wine when the eartquake struck his place destroying the whole place. The streets cracked open and his house collapsed to the ground killing all of them except for Walter who couldn't save his son, just like the first time.



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Batman Shadow of the Bat Vol 1 73
Batman: Cataclysm Crossover
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This issue is a part of the Cataclysm crossover that swept through all Batman Family Titles during 1998. Gotham City was almost completely destroyed by a massive earthquake. This story led into the events that would eventually create No Man's Land.

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