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Batman: Shadow of the Bat Vol 1 86


Batman: Shadow of the Bat Vol 1 86

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"Home Sweet Home": In a neighbourhood of Gotham City, the Zsasz gang is fighting the Croc gang and Batgirl tries to put an end to the endless violence but she it outnumbered and must flee from the scene to save herself. The gang

Quote1 My friend, I like your style. Quote2
-- Joker

Appearing in "Home Sweet Home"

Featured Characters:

  • Sarge (Flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


  • Zsasz Gang
  • Freeze Gang
  • Croc Gang

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Home Sweet Home"

In a neighbourhood of Gotham City, the Zsasz gang is fighting the Croc gang and Batgirl tries to put an end to the endless violence but she it outnumbered and must flee from the scene to save herself. The gang war was takin place outside one of the few standing houses in all of Gotham and inside the house lived William Riley; also called "Sarge" due to his time in the United States Army. Riley was an old man who didn't moved out of Gotham when the city was evacuated because he couldn't leave the place he built years ago and loves dearly, even in the deteriorated state it was now.

When the Zsasz gang beat the Croc gang, one of the Zsasz men tried to tag Riley's house but Sarge came out and stopped the crook. Mr. Zsasz learned of Riley's act of defiance and told his gang to take Riley of the house and bring him outside to the streets. Mr. Zsasz demanded that Riley pays a tribute to him by giving him all his food supplies and without much choices, Riley let them take everything they found in the kitchen. When it was all done, Riley went to the hidden shelter built in the basement of his house, where he kept all sort of supplies, happy to know that Zsasz didn't knew about the place.

As days passed, Riley remembered the good times when he and his wife lived happily in their home and how with time it went from bad to worse. Riley also remembered the times during World War II where he witnessed a lot of death and misery and he compared some of that events with the situation in No Man's Land. He still helped the remaining people of his neighbourhood as he could.

Somewhere in Gotham, the Gotham City Police Department fought against Mr. Freeze and his gang and were successful. However the next day they were defeated by the Croc gang.

At Riley's place, a couple of Red Devils break into the house and were stealing from Riley's supplies. Riley threatened them with his shotgun but they were also armed and nobody made a move for a while. Suddenly two men burst into the house and shot the Red Devils killing them. The assassins were Joker's henchmen and as soon as they were done killing the Devils, Joker entered the house. Joker told Riley that he was the leader of the neightbourhood now and that he would spare his life but would take Riley's shotgun as a "souvenir". Joker left Sarge's place and told his henchmen to clean up the mess and take out the bodies out of Riley's house.

Riley was left alone and despite the tragedies surrounding him, he was not going to leave his home.



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