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Batman: Streets of Gotham Vol 1 14

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"The House of Hush, Prelude": An elderly man by the name of Mr. Pierce has finally been released from Blackgate Penitentiary after 37 years in prison. He is picked up by [[Anthony Marchetti (New Earth)| Anthony "Little Italy" Marche

Quote1 You made the choice to disfigure yourself, Dr. Elliot. The discomfort came with it. Still, if you are in pain, you should be happy that our first stop is Arkham. You can always commit yourself. Quote2
-- Katana

Appearing in "The House of Hush, Prelude"

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Synopsis for "The House of Hush, Prelude"

An elderly man by the name of Mr. Pierce has finally been released from Blackgate Penitentiary after 37 years in prison. He is picked up by Anthony "Little Italy" Marchetti and Mister ZZZ, at the wishes of Little Italy's late uncle. Mr. Pierce and Little Italy discuss the current state of affairs in Gotham City and share in the 'real pleasures.' Pierce plans to get settled in and enjoy some of his former indulgences before he attends to his real agenda: putting a bullet in Bruce Wayne's skull.

Bodies lie strewn about the floor around Tommy Elliot as he unloads his twin pistols into Katana. With her dead, and the rest of his so-called 'bodyguards' deceased or dying on the floor nearby, Tommy only has one more person to worry about before he is free. As Tommy steps out into the rain, he is refreshed by the cold water running down his face. The cold water that, in actuality, is coming from the shower he is currently taking. Tommy exits the shower, awakened at last from his usual daydream, and begins his day as "Bruce Wayne". After getting dressed he is greeted by a very much alive Katana who is ready to escort him in his daily duties as the head of Wayne Enterprises.

As he enters the limousine, Tommy ponders his captivity and dwells on some journal entries of his Mother's that he recently discovered. The journals share an evening encounter of Tommy's parents and the then unmarried Wayne's, Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane at a swank restaurant. The Elliot's are meeting Mr. Wayne to discuss a deal that would merge Wayne Enterprises with Elliot Pharmaceutical. Before Thomas shows up, the Elliot's are met by Martha. She wants to talk to Roger about having his company help support a new clinic she and Leslie Thompkins having been working on. Unfortunately, charity is not something Roger Elliot seems to have much interest in. Sensing the tension, Magician John Zatara interrupts by pulling the tablecloth out from under the place settings in hopes of lightening the mood. The Elliot's show their impatience with Zatara, stating that they are awaiting Thomas Wayne to discuss business. Zatara feigns confusion and with a flourish, reveals a very drunk Thomas Wayne, accompanied by two equally inebriated women. Wayne promptly vomits at the feet of Martha who pushes past the apologizing Wayne stating that she doubts they'll ever meet again.

Tommy is awakened from his daydream by Katana's insistence that his plan to release select prisoners from Arkham Asylum will not succeed. Katana thinks the he is only abusing his appearance as Bruce Wayne to get criminals released from Arkham but Elliot states he is only following Bruce's example, citing the release of Harley Quinn. Despite Tommy's best efforts, Katana doesn't believe him and definitely doesn't believe he will get one person in particular freed: Jane Doe.

Appearing in "Two-Face: The Long Way Down"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Agostini (Dies)
  • Ford (Dies)
  • Foster (Dies)


  • Chester MacDonald



Synopsis for "Two-Face: The Long Way Down"

Two-Face sits at the head of a long table in the back of a restaurant. Surrounded by his men, most of them uneasy of what is going on. Two-Face has brought his gang together as the first step in his plan to take back Gotham following the capture of the Black Mask. As always, Harvey anxiously flips his coin answering questions that are only in his head, while waiting for some other men to show up. Suddenly, the power is cut and the men are left sitting in the dark. When the back-up generators kick-in and the lights return, a bloodied man, bound and gagged, has appeared on the table in front of them. Two-Face removes the gag, but the man is too hysterical to make any sense. Batman decides then to interject. He lets Harvey know that his men have been taken out, as well as his properties and other assets. Two-Face has a snitch in his midst who is giving information to the FBI Batman attempts to offer Two-Face an easier way out, but turning himself in to the GCPD but before he can answer, the doors and windows are smashed in. The FBI orders all men to put their faces down and their hands behind their heads, including Batman. Despite Batman's insistence that he has everything under control the agent in charge blows him off and heads straight for Two-Face. Harvey enjoys the fact that Batman is being treated the same as him. When told to stand, Harvey of course turns to his coin to decide his next move. His men begin leveling guns at the federal agents as well and before Harvey can finish flipping his coin, all hell breaks loose. In the fray, Two-Face manages to get a hold of the federal agent and a stand-off between he and Batman ensues. Not wanting to allow any more bloodshed, Batman apparently lets Two-Face go.

Four hours later, Harvey has let the federal agent live. Leaving him behind at the restaurant, he heads to a rendezvous with Mario Falcone and his men on the premise that the Falcones are going to help out and lend a hand. Once the Falcones arrive, armed to the teeth, it is apparent that they have no intention of helping Two-Face. The men begin opening fire, and Harvey ducks behind cover all the while carrying on a conversation with Mario. As Two-Face flips his coin to decide his next move, Mario fires a shot that catches the coin in midair. When Harvey retrieves the coin it has now been scarred on both sides, leaving him without an answer. Panicked without his choice clear, Two-Face takes a moment and decides to blow through his own men. Chester, the last of his own men Two-Face shoots on his way out, expresses his disgust at Harvey for shooting him. He pulls out a bloodied cell phone and drags himself painstakingly through the open doorway nearby. On the phone, he reveals himself as Special Agent Chester MacDonald and requests back-up. Almost immediately he realizes he is not alone and Two-Face reveals himself to be standing just across the doorway from Chester. Two more of Two-Face's men make it out the door. Now realizing that Chester was the snitch all along, they grab him and take off.


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