This hardcover is the eighth collection to reprint all Batman stories from the issues of Batman (Volume 1), in chronological order. This eighth collection reprints stories from December, 1945 to October, 1946.

This hardcover collects stories from the following comic books:

  • Rackety-Rax Racket
  • Dick Grayson, Boy Wonder
  • In the Soup!
  • All For One, One For All
  • Crime On the Wing
  • The Looters
  • The Search For Santa Claus
  • The Marathon of Menace
  • Ally Babble and the Four Tea Leaves
  • Tired Tracks
  • The Master Vs. the Pupil
  • Nine Lives has the Catwoman
  • Dinosaur Island
  • Dick Grayson, Author
  • The Penguin's Nest
  • Stand-In For Danger
  • Elusive London Eddie
  • Sir Batman At King Arthur's Court!
  • Calling Dr. Batman
  • Hollywood Hoax
  • The Joker Follows Suit

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