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Batman: The Dark Knight Vol 2 5


Batman: The Dark Knight Vol 2 5

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"Handful of Dust": In a cabin on Harmon Island, outside Gotham City, Batman faces the Scarecrow. He believes he can beat the Scarecrow's Fear Toxin, but even so, he is not entirely immune to its effects, and the villain plays

Quote1 Courage is a lie, Batman! It's the mask you hide behind! Quote2
-- Scarecrow

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Synopsis for "Handful of Dust"

In a cabin on Harmon Island, outside Gotham City, Batman faces the Scarecrow. He believes he can beat the Scarecrow's Fear Toxin, but even so, he is not entirely immune to its effects, and the villain plays upon his innermost fear.
A battery of fears are unleashed in Batman's mind, from his friends to his enemies to his guilt over his parents' death. Still, he manages to resist succumbing to the toxin. Scarecrow tries a different angle, suggesting that the Dark Knight's greatest fear is that he can not save everyone, that he is empty inside, underneath the mask. Again, Batman resists the toxin's effects. Finally, Scarecrow turns to a different toxin - the toxin which removes fear - injecting it directly into Batman's bloodstream.
Scarecrow mocks his prey until he senses someone coming, and then he escapes silently, leaving Batman to fall victim to the toxin's effects. Not long after, Superman appears, having been alerted to Batman's need for help by Wonder Woman. As he reaches down to help Batman up, his friend mumbles something that suggests that the toxin has brought out a kind of xenophobia in him.
With unexpected strength, Batman rises and punches Superman through the wall. Superman tries to talk some sense into him, but the toxin's effect is too strong. Still, Superman holds back, encouraging his friend to overcome it by willpower alone. It is to no avail, though, and Superman is forced to punch Batman hard. The Dark Knight crashes down to the ground, and when Superman tries to revive him, there is no response.


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