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Batman: The Long Halloween Vol 1 10

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"Chapter Ten: Independence Day": The 4th of July, Holiday strikes again and murders the Gotham City Coroner at the Gotham Docks, leaving his gun and a mini replica of the Statue of Liberty holding the flag of the USA. All this while the fireworks appear all acr

Quote1 Oh, my Paws and Whiskers! Quote2
-- Catwoman

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Synopsis for "Chapter Ten: Independence Day"

The 4th of July, Holiday strikes again and murders the Gotham City Coroner at the Gotham Docks, leaving his gun and a mini replica of the Statue of Liberty holding the flag of the USA. All this while the fireworks appear all across Gotham skyline.

Bruce Wayne is on a date with Selina Kyle at Wayne Manor. Selina is curious as why Bruce doesn't leave Gotham after all that's happened to him, but he is unable to answer. They share a tender moment until the Bat-Signal is activated.

Batman arrives at the GCPD Headquarters and finds that Harvey Dent is the person summoning him. Dent tells Batman that he made a mistake blaming Bruce Wayne and that he has arranged a deal with Sal Maroni, who is going to confess against Carmine Falcone in the next trial. Dent tells Batman that he is planning to leave the city after Falcone is arrested. At that moment, James Gordon appears and tells them about Holiday's latest victim. In a nearby building, Catwoman listens carefully.

Sal Maroni is in Gotham Jail, waiting for the trial in which he will confess against Falcone. Sofia Falcone visits him and reminds him that she spend her time in prison because of him and that she never betrayed him. Sal and Sofia kiss in a fierce way and Sofia tells Sal that the common enemy for Gotham Organized Crime is Harvey Dent and that she expects that he makes the right decision.

Meanwhile, at Gordon's house, Gilda Dent tells Barbara that she is worried for Harvey, as he seem to be different ever since he started working on the "Roman case". Gilda only wants to have her Harvey back.

At the Gotham Docks, Gordon and Batman examine the crime scene but find nothing of consequence. Catwoman is spying on them not far away. At that moment, some green explosion lights appear in Gotham's skyline and Gordon wonders why are there more fireworks than usual. Batman knows better and he leaves Gordon alone as he goes to the city to investigate the situation.

The lights aren't fireworks but instead, remote controlled rockets that spread Scarecrow's Fear Toxin on their way. One of the rockets explodes at the front door of the Bank Deposit, making space enough for Scarecrow and The Mad Hatter to get inside with a chariot. They start taking all the money when Batman arrives and beats Scarecrow to a pulp, in revenge for the events after his escape from Arkham Asylum. The Mad Hatter aims a gun at Batman but Catwoman attacks him from behind, knocking him down. Batman asks Catwoman why she has been following him all night long. Catwoman doesn't answer and instead offers Batman to go away with her, but the dark knight refuses, because he has a job to do. Disappointed, Catwoman leaves him and he reckons, that it is the price of independence.


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