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Batman: The Long Halloween Vol 1 11


Batman: The Long Halloween Vol 1 11

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"Chapter Eleven: Roman Holiday": Gilda has found the .22 gun in the basement of her house and she asks Harvey about it. Harvey tells her that it is only evidence from the "Holiday case" and he leaves him home in order to go to the Courthouse

Quote1 You're dead, Dent! That stuff'll eat through cement! Did you really think you had me?! Did you?! Quote2
-- Sal Maroni

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Synopsis for "Chapter Eleven: Roman Holiday"

Gilda has found the .22 gun in the basement of her house and she asks Harvey about it. Harvey tells her that it is only evidence from the "Holiday case" and he leaves him home in order to go to the Courthouse. The day of Sal Maroni's trial, in which he is going to confess against the Falcones, has arrived and Harvey doesn't want to be late.

Meanwhile, Batman is looking for The Riddler and he finds the man, drunk in a pub. Batman questions him about Holiday's identity but Riddler doesn't really know who the man is and Batman brings up the theory that Carmine Falcone may be involved in Holiday's killings.

The day of the trial is the same day as Carmine Falcone's birthday and all his family have prepared something special for him. However, he was discussing with his sister Carla because she didn't liked the idea of having "freaks" working for the Falcone family.

At the Gotham Courthouse, Sal Maroni is released from his cell and James Gordon checks him one last time before he is taken to the courtroom. However, on his way there, Vernon Wells, the corrupt assistant of Dent, gives Maroni a bottle of Antacid supposedly sent by Dent himself. Maroni doubts at first, but in the end he accepts the bottle, because of his "ulcer".

Once in the courtroom, Dent calls Maroni to the stand and starts questioning about his business and connections with Carmine Falcone. At the same time Falcone is celebrating his birthday in his penthouse with all his family and he is presented with a big birthday cake, and Sofia Falcone tells him to make a wish. In the courtroom, Maroni starts coughing very loud and isn't able to speak anymore. He reaches for the antacid bottle in his pocket and opens it. Bruce, who was disguised among the crowd in attendance, knew that something was very wrong. As Carmine Falcone blows his birthday candles and makes a wish, Sal Maroni hurls the content of the bottle towards Dent’s face and the man falls to the ground, screaming in pain as he covers his face with his hands. The content of the bottle was in fact acid, Maroni is apprehended by the court guards and Vernon Wells goes out "looking for help".

Later, on the Gotham Hospital, Gilda, Barbara and James wait for the doctors to tell them about Harvey's conditions. The doctor comes out and tells them that Harvey is gone and they are shocked by the news. Howver, the doctor meant to say that Harvey escaped from the hospital and after explaining himself, the doctor falls dead, revealing that he has been stabbed in the back.

Carla Viti sneaks into the Gotham City Coroner Office and starts searching for the police records on the Holiday case. Carla didn't notice that Holiday was close to her and he shoots her, leaving her dead body among the files on his case.


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