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Batman: The Long Halloween Vol 1 12


Batman: The Long Halloween Vol 1 12

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"Chapter Twelve: Labor Day": Harvey Dent has been missing for a month since he escaped the hospital and murdered his surgeon. Harvey is now hiding in the sewers after having suffered a mental breakdown. His face is still covered in bandages and on a certain night, he

Quote1 That maniac killed my sister, my nephew...and my son. Do you know what my people call this last year? The Long Halloween. Johnny Viti, my nephew, was the first one to die. On Halloween night. It could have stopped there. But it didn't. And we both know why. You and the cops just let it continue because he was killing our people. Mia famiglia! And you stand here and act like your hands are clean. Quote2
-- Carmine Falcone

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Synopsis for "Chapter Twelve: Labor Day"

Harvey Dent has been missing for a month since he escaped the hospital and murdered his surgeon. Harvey is now hiding in the sewers after having suffered a mental breakdown. His face is still covered in bandages and on a certain night, he comes across Solomon Grundy. The zombie attacks Harvey at first, but Harvey starts singing him the nursery rhyme he was named after and Grundy becomes quiet and mild. Harvey realizes that the story in the rhyme is exactly what happened to Grundy and he wonders if a man can actually live two lives.

On Labor Day, James Gordon and Batman discover that Harvey Dent was carrying a .22 gun in his briefcase along with a ledger with Falcone's names and records. They come to the conclusion that Dent is the Holiday killer. Gordon wants to find Harvey but Batman won't believe that Dent committed all those crimes.

Batman goes to the penthouse of Carmine Falcone and asks him about Dent. Falcone doesn't know and he blames Batman and the police for the deaths of his family members. Batman leaves the place just when Sofia Falcone entered the penthouse.

Batman noticed that he was being spied all the time and he confronts Catwoman, who was just a few buildings across. Batman wants to know the truth about why she is always nearby Falcone. Catwoman tricks Batman and she leaves the man alone, wondering about her real motivation.

Time grows short and Batman is desperately looking for Dent. He goes to Dent's house and finds Gilda Dent. He asks her about her husband's whereabouts but she doesn't know. Batman tells her that Dent is Holiday and that there is enough evidence to prove it. Gilda is worried and asks Batman to find "her" Harvey.

Batman decides to go to Arkham Asylum to ask Calendar Man any kind of help. Batman wants to know where Harvey Dent is, and Calendar Man suggests that as Labor Day comes to an end, Holiday will likely kill someone under Batman's custody.

Sal Maroni has been in prison since the trial in which he hurled acid towards Harvey Dent and as a result he was shot three times by the guards in the courtroom. However, the damage wasn't serious and Maroni is recovering in his cell when Gordon arrives and tells Maroni that he is being moved. Batman told Gordon that Dent might attack Maroni and they're moving him in order to save the man. Gordon and an armored guard escort Maroni through the prison but a few moments later, Maroni is shot twice from behind and killed.

The armored guard leaps towards the man who shot Maroni, who is in fact the Holiday killer. Holiday shoots the guard several rounds in the chest and the guard falls down to the ground. Gordon grabs his flashlight and points it towards Holiday, revealing the killer's true identity: Alberto Falcone.


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  • The nursery rhyme that Dent sings to Grundy is called Solomon Grundy and it is the song that Grundy is named after.

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