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Batman: The Long Halloween Vol 1 2


Batman: The Long Halloween Vol 1 2

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"Chapter Two: Thanksgiving": It is Thanksgiving in Gotham City and James Gordon interrogates Mickey Sullivan about the bomb delivered to the Dent's place. Batman is also there, but his presence isn't eno

-- Solomon Grundy

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Synopsis for "Chapter Two: Thanksgiving"

It is Thanksgiving in Gotham City and James Gordon interrogates Mickey Sullivan about the bomb delivered to the Dent's place. Batman is also there, but his presence isn't enough to make Mickey confess who is behind the whole operation.

Batman recalls how he managed to track down Mickey to his hideout and how he ran away into the sewers to escape from the Dark Knight. Batman followed the man down there, without expecting to come across with Solomon Grundy. Batman was forced to hurt Grundy before the zombie could hurt him. After getting rid of Grundy, Batman took Mickey to the GCPD Headquarters along with all the evidence that connected him and his group with the bomb sent to the Dents.

Mickey agrees to make a confession pledging full responsibility on the crime, but he assures Gordon that he has never heard of "The Roman" before. However, he tells them that Harvey Dent might be the man who murdered Johnny Viti. As they won't get anything more from him, Gordon decides to send Mickey to the cell with his accomplices. On the way there, the lights go down and when they come back, something changed in Mickey.

Carmine Falcone is cooking in his penthouse with his son Alberto when Carla Viti demands action for the murder of her son Johnny and Falcone answers that he has already taken care of it.

In prison, Mickey tries to convince his accomplices that they should better reveal to the police the identity of the man responsible for the bomb. However, they aren't convinced and they decide to stick to the original plan and confess the crime without giving names.

They all confess the crime in a perfect way and Batman realizes that the confession has been rehearsed. A few hours later, Mickey is back in Gordon's office but this time, he pulls off his face and reveals that he is Harvey Dent in disguise. It was all planned between him, Gordon and Batman, in order to make the crew incriminate Falcone, but the plan didn't work. In less than an hour, the real Mickey and his group are bailed out of prison

On Thanksgiving night, Harvey Dent spends the night at the hospital near his wife's bed. James Gordon arrives home late and misses Thanksgiving dinner. Batman decides to share his dinner with one of Gotham's lost souls and he leaves a plate of food in the sewers for Solomon Grundy.

Meanwhile, in The Astoria Towers Hotel, Mickey and his gang are having dinner and celebrating in the name of "The Roman".

Moments later, someone breaks into the room where Mickey and his gang are eating and shoots them all with a similar gun as the one used to kill Johnny Viti. The murderer leaves the gun and a cornucopia in the crime scene.


  • This book was first published on November 20, 1996.
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  • In this issue, Harvey Dent pretends to be dead in order to capture a major criminal. This idea is used later in the movie The Dark Knight, in which Gordon fakes his own death in order to capture The Joker.

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