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Batman: The Long Halloween Vol 1 4


Batman: The Long Halloween Vol 1 4

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"Chapter Four: New Year's Eve": Is New Year's Eve in Gotham City and The Joker is still on the loose. The mad clown has killed the ground crew in a hangar and prepares to ride a plane towards Gotham Square where he plans to spread his Joker gas at the cr

Quote1 Quick question. When the clock strikes twelve -- do I get a little kiss? Quote2
-- The Joker

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Synopsis for "Chapter Four: New Year's Eve"

Is New Year's Eve in Gotham City and The Joker is still on the loose. The mad clown has killed the ground crew in a hangar and prepares to ride a plane towards Gotham Square where he plans to spread his Joker gas at the crowd that gather in that place. Batman arrives too late to the hangar as Joker has just departed. Using his Batrope, Batman hooks Joker's plane and he jumps off the Batmobile, letting himself being dragged by the plane.

At Harvey Dent's office, the Distric Attorney is working late again, over the Falcone case. He realizes that he should leave the office and go home with his wife. A new employee called Vernon Wells is also at the office and before Harvey leaves, Vernon gives him new information about Falcone and a new person involved in his business: Bruce Wayne.

Batman reaches the plane and tries to stop it, but Joker outsmarts Batman and steers the plane upside down, forcing Batman to fall back to the rear of the plane.

At the Gotham Harbor, Carmine Falcone is having a New Year's Eve party in his private yatch. After talking to Sal Maroni and his sister Carla, Carmine wants to talk to his son Alberto Falcone and Carla offers herself to look out for him.

Alberto is alone in the boat's deck when someone takes a lightbulb from the ship and shoots a gun just like Holiday killer uses. Carla heard the noise and goes to the place where Alberto was and she founds the gun in the floor besides a flute of champagne and serpentines. Carla looks at the river and sees a trail of blood moving away from the boat.

Harvey arrives at his home where Gilda is waiting. She notices that Harvey's hair is wet before taking him to the living room, where James and Barbara Gordon are waiting for him. Harvey seems upset and he goes straight to the kitchen. James decides to see if he was alright, while the ladies stayed in the living room. Barbara tells Gilda about James' niece "Babs" staying at home babysitting little James. They talk about kids and how far away that possibility seems to be for Gilda and Harvey. James finds Harvey alone in the kitchen, staring blankly at the fridge and Harvey tells the commissioner that they need to talk about Bruce Wayne.

Batman is still struggling against Joker in his plane. They were almost at Gotham Square and it was almost midnight. Batman and Joker fight and after a while, Batman manages to overcome the clown. With Joker's unconscious body, Batman jumps off the plane and lands on top of the clock tower just as the bells toll midnight. Batman stares at the city, expecting that the new year is the year when he finally accomplish the promise made to his parents.


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