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Batman: The Long Halloween Vol 1 6


Batman: The Long Halloween Vol 1 6

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"Chapter Six: St. Patrick's Day": A prisoner just released from Gotham Penitentiary gets into a waiting car during a thunderstorm. The car drives the prisoner to Carmine Falcone. The prisoner is revealed to be Falcone’s daughter, Sofia Gigante.

Quote1 Our jobs don't include murder, Harvey. I want to stop Falcone and the rest, but not like this. Never like this. Quote2
-- James Gordon

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Synopsis for "Chapter Six: St. Patrick's Day"

A prisoner just released from Gotham Penitentiary gets into a waiting car during a thunderstorm. The car drives the prisoner to Carmine Falcone. The prisoner is revealed to be Falcone’s daughter, Sofia Gigante.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne addresses the board of the Gotham City Bank, and notifies them, contrary to how he felt beforehand, and now feels that Carmine Falcone should be allowed to invest his money with the Bank. It is revealed through captions that Bruce Wayne knows that he is being controlled by the hypnotic pheromones of Poison Ivy, but can do nothing to stop himself. Selina Kyle attempts to get Bruce’s attention as he leaves the Bank, but he ignores her. As a vine covered arm reaches out to Bruce as he enters his limo, Selina realises that something is up.

After Maroni’s Restaurant was attacked on Valentine’s Day, Harvey Dent and Commissioner Jim Gordon discuss how to crack down on organised crime as the Maroni and Falcone families escalate into gang war. Dent wants to bring down both Bruce Wayne and Maroni at the same time, while Gordon only believes that Maroni is the weak link. Unknown to them, Dent’s corrupt assistant Vernon has been eavesdropping.

Sofia visits her aunt Carla Viti while she practises shooting her gun at a target. Sofia reveals that they plan to hit Maroni on St Patricks Day, as believe he either knows something about the serial killer Holiday or is even Holiday himself. Carla reassures that she will take care of the monetary side of things.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne sits down to a peaceful dinner with his newest lady friend, Poison Ivy. Suddenly, Catwoman leaps onto the table, pushing Ivy to the ground. Bruce defends his master by attacking Catwoman, causing his shirt to rip, revealing vines wrapped around his body. Catwoman quickly slices the vines off, freeing Wayne from Ivy’s spell as he falls to the ground, exhausted and unconscious. Poison Ivy is revealed to have slipped away in the ensuing chaos.

On St Patrick's Day, Holiday strikes again, with another mass killing, leaving only the murder weapon and statue of a leprechaun behind. As Sofia pulls up to the site to make her move on Maroni, she realises that Holiday’s latest hit was indeed Maroni’s safehouse. Maroni himself watches the scene from an upper floor and notices Sofia's car leaving the place and he assumes she is Holiday.

Batman responds to the Bat-Signal, but he finds Catwoman waiting for him. He thanks her for coming to the aid of his ‘friend’ Bruce Wayne, but asks her why she helped in the first place. She cryptically responds that he will find out soon and disappears into the night, leaving Bruce intrigued but thankful for her intervention.

At Falcone's office, Carmine pays Poison Ivy for the help she provided with Bruce Wayne, even though, he regrets having to ask for help to someone of her "kind".


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