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"Chapter Eight: Mother's Day": On mother's day, Batman visits Calendar Man in Arkham Asylum and asks him about the Holiday killer. Batman wants to know why Holiday didn't kill Riddler on April Fools. Calendar Man is still ambiguous towar

Quote1 He's making quite a name for Herself. "Holiday". Soon The Calender Man will be forgotten... Quote2
-- The Calendar Man

Appearing in "Chapter Eight: Mother's Day"

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  • Chong's Tea House



Synopsis for "Chapter Eight: Mother's Day"

On mother's day, Batman visits Calendar Man in Arkham Asylum and asks him about the Holiday killer. Batman wants to know why Holiday didn't kill Riddler on April Fools. Calendar Man is still ambiguous towards Holiday's genre and he tells Batman that perhaps that date was the only time that the killer took seriously, and thus he didn't murder. An Arkham Asylum guard appeared behind Batman crawling and saying something about an escape in level 4. Batman runs towards that level and finds that Jonathan Crane's cell is empty and two guards are having scary hallucinations. One of them tells Batman that Crane's mother helped him escape but Batman knows that Crane murdered him own mother years ago. After checking the cell, Batman finds straw near the window and follows the trail to the yard of Arkham Asylum, where Scarecrow is escaping in a horse. Batman tackles Scarecrow and discovers that it was just a decoy; a real scarecrow that starts to spread Scarecrow's Fear Toxin all around the yard and Batman tries not to inhale the chemical on his way out of Arkham.

Meanwhile, James Gordon and some GCPD Officers stand outside Wayne Manor, talking to Alfred, who told them that Bruce was not present at the time. Gordon wants to arrest Bruce for his involvement with Carmine Falcone. Alfred asks Gordon to consider Bruce's need for privacy in a date like mother's day.

At the Gotham River Bridge, Sofia Falcone interrogates a man about the origins of the weapons used by Holiday to commit the crimes and the man gives her a name and an address in Chinatown and she drops the man to the river.

Holiday breaks in Chong's Tea House in Chinatown and murders the man only known as gunsmith. Sofia arrives at the place too late and finds only the gun and a flower ornament for mother's day near the corpse of the man she was looking for.

After the incident in Arkham, Bruce goes to Crime Alley to leave a rose on the place his mother died when Gordon and some officers approach him. However, Bruce is still affected by Scarecrow's fear gas and all he sees is Joe Chill coming towards him. Bruce runs away in fear and Gordon gives the order to follow him but o hold fire. Bruce runs to Gotham Cemetery, where Gordon and the officers find him crying, desperately clutching to his mother's tombstone.


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