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This paperback collects two storylines with Green Arrow and Green Lantern in it: Peacemakers and The Ring, The Arrow and The Bat. This second story also has Batman in it (the first story hasn't). Both stories were written by Dennis O'Neil

Peacemakers was illustrated by Greg Land and Dick Giordano. It was published from August to October, 1998 in the comic book series Legends of the DC Universe.

The Ring, The Arrow and The Bat was illustrated by Sergio Cariello and Matt Ryan. It was published from March to July, 2000 in the comic book series Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight.

This paperback collects the following comic book stories:

  • Peacemakers:
  • The Ring, The Arrow and The Bat:

  • This paperback contains an introduction by its writer, Dennis O'Neil.

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