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This comic reviews the death of Jason Todd as Robin, Jason Todd meeting Batman, as well as a brief tangent involving the Joker. It covers the story of Jason Todd leaving Batman to become the Red Hood in a battle against The Black Mask. Post-battle, it shows Jason in possession of

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Under the Hood

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Batman: Under the Hood
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Under the Hood





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This comic reviews the death of Jason Todd as Robin, Jason Todd meeting Batman, as well as a brief tangent involving the Joker. It covers the story of Jason Todd leaving Batman to become the Red Hood in a battle against The Black Mask. Post-battle, it shows Jason in possession of Joker, whom he attempts to murder. Then follows the story of Jason's resurrection, his meeting with Ra's and Talia al Ghul, and his attempt to reclaim the Joker.

The more detailed story is as follows: A flashback to Batman's early years (post Dick Grayson's resignation) shows a young Jason Todd attempting to jack the wheels off of the Batmobile. Following this, he becomes the new Robin. From there, it peeks into the future frusturated life of Black Mask, a criminal underworld leader and violent gangster. His assistant details the recent foiled criminal activities by a persona known only as The Red Hood. Promptly, the Red Hood appears and destroys the top floor of Black Mask's fortress via long-range explosive. After this, Black Mask teams up with Deathstroke, Captain Nazi, Hyena, and Count Vertigo to combat Red Hood. When Batman unexpectedly arrives, the pair manage to defeat Black Mask's hired hit-villans. During the fight, Red Hood kills Captain Nazi with a well-placed taser, prompting Batman and Red Hood to end on bad terms.

After the fight, more flashbacks on the part of Alfred Pennyworth ensue. Post-scene, Alfred recieves a package with a lock of green hair and a note from Jason asking for Batman to meet him. In the next scene, Black Mask calls a meeting of all his top associates and murders them under the eye of Red Hood. Once this deed is completed, the two (Black Mask and Red Hood) engage in combat, ending with Batman arriving just in time to see Red Hood stabbed in the heart with his own knife. When Black Mask removes Red Hood's helm, it is shown to be someone other than Jason Todd, to which Batman recoils loudly enough to be detected by Black Mask. The two talk for a moment, then Batman traps Black Mask and flees to the point Jason wished to meet him at.

Jason is indeed in possesion of The Joker. Jason repeatedly beats and at one point stabs his captive, to which Joker laughs all the louder. When Jason quietly conveys to the Joker that Joker is not as insane as he is cracked up (no pun intended) to be, The Joker loses his smile and Jason laughs. Then enters Batman. The following fight is brief, and is interrupted by a bomb being dropped on Bludhaven, the workplace of Nightwing, the original Robin. Then, Jason reveals the place where he has hidden the Joker. He tosses a gun to Batman and takes one for himself. Using Joker as a body shield, Jason points his gun at Joker's head and tells Batman that he must either kill Jason, or let Jason kill Joker on a count of three. At the last half-second, Batman drops the gun and throws a Batarang at Jason's shoulder. Joker then triggers the explosives wired throughout the building.

The scene then cuts to Jason's miraculous resurrection. Following this, we see Jason institutionalized, we see him escape, and we see him living on the streets. After this, he is discovered by Thomas Clairborne to be Jason Todd. Ra's Al Ghul, with the help of his daughter, Talia al Ghul, kidnap Jason and hold him in care for a year. Ra's then tells his daughter that he is going to send Jason away. Then he takes the short trip to his Lazarus Pit. Talia, angered, pushes Jason into the pit as well, unleashing and empowering a new, bigger, stronger, violent creature. Talia then smuggles him out of the estate and gives him a bag containing money, a computer and memories of Batman, Joker, and Red Hood. Jason attempts to reconnect with Batman, but he is combated and defeated. He proceeds to reveal the empire he has built for himself, and Volume 2 ends.


  • Batman #635 -- Under the Hood, Part 1: New Business
  • Batman #636 -- Under the Hood, Part 2: First Strike
  • Batman #637 -- Under the Hood, Part 3: Overnight Deliveries
  • Batman #638 -- Under the Hood, Part 4: Bidding Wars
  • Batman #639 -- Family Reunion, Part 1: The Word on the Street
  • Batman #640 -- Family Reunion, Part 2: While the Cat's Away
  • Batman #641 -- Family Reunion, Conclusion: Face to Face


Items: None known.
Vehicles: Batmobile
Weapons: Many weapons are utilized, including automatic handguns, a taser, several knives and a host of explosives.


  • During the drug meet sequence, Red Hood refers to himself as "the guy who's holding the AK-47", but the large, belt-feld weapon he is holding is visibly not an AK, and looks more like an M60. In the same scene in the film adaptation, the weapon held by Red Hood much more closely resembles an AK.


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