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in: Issues Rated T, Dan DiDio/Executive Editor, James Jean/Cover Artist Devin Grayson/Writer, Andersen Gabrych/Writer, A.J. Lieberman/Writer, Bill Willingham/Writer, Dylan Horrocks/Writer, Ed Brubaker/Writer, Ramon Bachs/Penciler, Pete Woods/Penciler, Brad Walker/Penciler, Mike Lilly/Penciler, Al Barrionuevo/Penciler, Giuseppe Camuncoli/Penciler, Sean Phillips/Penciler, Paul Gulacy/Penciler, Kinsun Loh/Penciler, Raúl Fernández/Inker, Rodney Ramos/Inker, Nathan Massengill/Inker, Troy Nixey/Inker, Andy Owens/Inker, Francis Portela/Inker, Lorenzo Ruggiero/Inker, Sean Phillips/Inker, Jimmy Palmiotti/Inker, Aaron Sowd/Inker, Steve Buccellato/Colourist, Jason Wright/Colourist, Javier Rodriguez/Colourist, Gregory Wright/Colourist, Brad Anderson/Colourist, Guy Major/Colourist, Laurie Kronenberg/Colourist, Tony Aviña/Colourist, Rob Leigh/Letterer, Pat Brosseau/Letterer, Jared K. Fletcher/Letterer, Clem Robins/Letterer, Phil Balsman/Letterer, Nick J. Napolitano/Letterer, Matt Idelson/Editor, Nachie Castro/Editor, Bob Schreck/Editor, Michael Wright/Editor, Collected Editions, 2005, February (Publication), February 16, 2005 (Publication)

Batman: War Games, Act One - Outbreak (Collected)


Batman: War Games, Act One - Outbreak (Collected)

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Batman: War Games, Act One - Outbreak
Cover for the Batman: War Games, Act One - Outbreak Trade Paperback

This paperback collects the first act of the Batman: War Games storyline. This part of the storyline was originally published in eight different comic book series and the one-shot Batman: The 12-Cent Adventure in October, 2004.

In this story a clash between Gotham's underworld families erupts into a wave of chaos that engulfs the city. Batman must use every available asset — Oracle, Batgirl, Nightwing, Orpheus, Onyx and Tarantula — to preserve life and contain the chaos.

This paperback collects stories from the following comic books:

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