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Batman (1992 TV Series) Episode: Appointment in Crime Alley

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Roland Daggett plans to destroy the whole area of Park Row by installing bombs across every building. The arsonist Nitro tells Daggett that the bombs would explode at 9:00P PM exactly and he would make it look like an accident.

Quote1 I've lived in Park Row for 30 years. It's my home. I'm not afraid here. Quote2
--Leslie Thompkins

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Synopsis for "Appointment in Crime Alley"

Roland Daggett plans to destroy the whole area of Park Row by installing bombs across every building. The arsonist Nitro tells Daggett that the bombs would explode at 9:00P PM exactly and he would make it look like an accident.

Bruce Wayne gets ready to meet Leslie Thompkins in Crime Alley as he does every year. When he was arriving, a little girl calls his attention and ask for Batman's help. Some men were destroying her mother's apartment because she refused to leave as she was told to. Batman took the crooks down and knew that there was something wrong going on. The feat made Batman late and Leslie started to worry for him. She decided to start looking for him outside but she was attracted to a condemned building where she spotted a couple of men. She recognized one of them as a Daggett worker and realized that they were manipulating explosives. The two men grabbed her and tied her in the basement of the building with all the bombs surrounding her. A homeless man was looking what happened and took one of the explosives with him.

Batman arrived at the meeting place but he is told that Leslie was gone looking for someone. Batman hurries to look for her but is again distracted by a crime in progress. A desperate man kidnapped a Daggett worker and took him to a billboard sign near the top of a roof. Both men fell from the high place and Batman swung towards them and saved their lives.

Batman arrives at Leslie's home but it was empty. After looking for some clues and old newspaper articles Leslie had kept, Batman looked for her in the bedroom where he spotted a man looking through the window. It was the homeless man that went to take a look at Leslie's home. When Batman confronted him, the man told Batman everything he saw and Batman once again set out looking for Leslie.

It was already 8:30PM and on his way, Batman was again detoured of his main course to stop a runaway trolley. The driver was knocked out and Batman used the Batmobile to force the trolley to stop before it could hurt someone. The feat cost Batman his car and he had to go to the place where Leslie was in just 15 minutes before the bombs explode.

When Batman arrived at the place, he faced Nitro and Crocker, both well known criminals. Batman asked them what were their purpouses in Park Row and after he discovered their hidden explosives he locked them inside their own truck and went to rescue Leslie. Batman defused the bombs nearby Leslie and with just 5 minutes left he went to defuse the bombs at the nearby hotel, where there were people inside.

Daggett was giving an speech at that moment and just as his watch marked 9:00; the bombs went off and destroyed most of the buildings in Park Row. Daggett arrived at the scene and told the press that this outcome was to be expected of a crime infested place as Park Row. Batman appeared and turned Nitro and Crocker to the police and told Daggett that the buildings that were destroyed were just condemned buildings and that nobody died. Daggett makes his way out of there by claiming that he didn't knew the two thugs who were captured. Batman was angry to see Daggett escaping the justice once again but Leslie reminded him that sooner or later Daggett will pay and that Batman should be somewhere else at that moment.

A few minutes later, Leslie and Batman were in Crime Alley and Batman places two roses in the same place where his parents died many years ago. Leslie comforts Batman with a hug that reminisces the time when she comforted the child Bruce the night of the crime.


  • This was the 26th episode to be produced and the 12th to be aired.


  • The truck Crocker and Nitro use is labeled "J. Olsen and Sons."

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Character Actor
Batman/Bruce WayneKevin Conroy
Leslie ThompkinsDiana Muldaur
Alfred Pennyworth (DCAU)Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
Roland DaggettEdward Asner
Summer Gleeson
Mari Devon
Angel Harper
NitroDavid L. Lander
MadmanRobert Ridgely
GirlAlexander Simmons
SWAT Leader
Jeffrey Tambor

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