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Batman (1992 TV Series) Episode: Joker's Favor


Batman (1992 TV Series) Episode: Joker's Favor

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While driving home from work, accountant Charlie Collins contemplates on how nothing in life seems to work in his favor. He grows ever more furious when a squad of police cars followed by the Batmobile take up the flow of traffic. after someone cuts him off, drives up to the persons car and tell

Quote1 Oh, swell. Some nut makes trouble and for that, makes me late for the ball game. Perfect ending to an awful day. Boss turns me down for a raise, our kid needs braces, and Bonnie's making meat loaf for dinner. At what point exactly did I became life's punching bag? Quote2
--Charlie Collins

Appearing in "Joker's Favor"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Harley Quinn (First appearance)
  • Joker (First appearance)
  • Rocco (First appearance)
  • Henshaw (First appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Joker's Favor"

While driving home from work, accountant Charlie Collins contemplates on how nothing in life seems to work in his favor. He grows ever more furious when a squad of police cars followed by the Batmobile take up the flow of traffic. after someone cuts him off, drives up to the persons car and tells them off. To his shock, the driver is revealed to be the Joker. Collins tries to get away fom Joker, but the Clown Prince of Crime eventually catches up to him. Charlie tries to explain that he's been having a bad day and did not really mean a word of what he said to the Joker, begging him to let him live. The Joker agrees to spare his life, but on the condition that Charlie one day does him a special favor, yet he is unsure of what that favor may be.

Two years later in Gotham City, Detective Bullock is trying to convince Commissioner Gordon to attend the party that the mayor is throwing to honor Gordon for all his great work as the city's police commissioner. Despite Bullock's attempts, Gordon still says no to the invite. As the commissioner enters his office, he is met by Batman, who urges him to accept the invitation because he truly deserves this honorary statement for all that he has done for the people of Gotham as police commissioner. After this, Gordon finally agrees to attend the event.

Meanwhile, at the Joker's hideout, the Clown Prince of Crime plots to give Jim Gordon the highest honor that he can bestow (obviously he plans to kill the commissioner). His henchwoman Harley Quinn asks him if he plans to hire a specialist for this caper, to which he simply replies that he plan's to call up a friend who's been dying to do him a favor: Charlie Collins.

Joker forces Charlie to return to Gotham by threatening his family. Once in the city, Joker informs Charlie that he is going to be opening the door at Gordon's party for Harley to enter with a cake. While Charlie waits inside the place for Harley, he tries desperately to warn Batman about Joker's plan, and using a flying machine available in the place, he creates a make-shift Bat-Signal, which is seen by Bruce Wayne as he leaves the building. When the time comes, Harley makes her entrance and Charlie discovers that his hand has been glued to the door knob and he is unable to leave. Harley delivers an enormous cake for Gordon and soon, the room is filled with paralyzing gas that affects everybody in the room except for Harley who is wearing a gas mask and Charlie, as Harley provides one for him. When the gas dissipates, Joker comes out from the cake and he places a bomb on Gordon's jacket. As Joker leaves, he informs Charlie that he is not helping him out and they leave Charlie to die.

Batman enters the place with just a few seconds before the bomb explodes. Using his Grappling Gun, Batman sends the bomb outside, destroying the Joker's getaway van. Charlie informs Batman about the Joker and soon, the Dark Knight confronts the Joker's henchmen and Harley, taking them out without real effort. Joker tries to escape as well and he manages to create a distraction with another one of his bombs, which allows him to leave the building. However, once outside, Joker is confronted by Charlie who is carrying one of Joker's bombs and pretends to activate it in order to kill Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime tries to talk sense into Charlie while also screams for Batman. When the Caped Crusader finds them, Joker hides behind him and Charlie tosses the bomb at him, revealing that it was actually a fake bomb. Batman captures the Joker and Charlie is glad to return to his less than average life.


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  • The guest star of this episode was Ed Begley Jr. as Charlie Collins.
  • In one scene at The Joker's hideout, either Rocco or Henshaw is seen reading a Tiny Toon Adventures Comic Book.

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Character Actor
Batman/Bruce WayneKevin Conroy
Commissioner James GordonBob Hastings
Detective Harvey Bullock
Robert Costanzo
Alfred PennyworthEfrem Zimbalist, Jr.
Charlie CollinsEd Begley, Jr.
JokerMark Hamill
Harley Quinn/Doctor Harleen QuinzelArleen Sorkin

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