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Batman Beyond (TV Series)
This page contains a list of all episodes in the television series.
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United States of America

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January 10, 1999
December 18, 2001

Batman Beyond (1999-2001) is a spin off of the popular Batman cartoons of the 1990s and showed an aged and bitter Bruce Wayne (who had retired his Batman persona years before) train a young boy, Terry McGinnis, to be Batman and fight the criminals of the future. Terry had accidentally discovered the identity of the legendary Batman. He later steals the technologically advanced Batman costume so he could exact revenge after his father was killed by a powerful industrialist. The elderly Bruce Wayne eventually has sympathy for the boy and agrees to train the young man as an apprentice.

Principal Cast


Season One

  1. "Rebirth, Part I"
  2. "Rebirth, Part II"
  3. "Black Out"
  4. "Golem"
  5. "The Winning Edge"
  6. "Dead Man's Hand"
  7. "Meltdown"
  8. "Heroes"
  9. "Spellbound"
  10. "Shriek"
  11. "A Touch of Curaré"
  12. "Disappearing Inque"
  13. "Ascension"

Season Two

  1. "Joyride"
  2. "Earth Mover"
  3. "Splicers"
  4. "Lost Soul"
  5. "Bloodsport"
  6. "Hidden Agenda"
  7. "Once Burned"
  8. "Hooked Up"
  9. "Rats"
  10. "Mind Games"
  11. "Revenant"
  12. "Babel"
  13. "Terry's Friend Dates a Robot"
  14. "Eyewitness"
  15. "Zeta"
  16. "The Last Resort"
  17. "Final Cut"
  18. "Armory"
  19. "Sneak Peek"
  20. "Plague"
  21. "The Eggbaby"
  22. "April Moon"
  23. "Payback"
  24. "Sentries of the Last Cosmos"
  25. "Where's Terry?"
  26. "Ace in the Hole"

Season Three

  1. "Big Time"
  2. "Untouchable"
  3. "King's Ransom"
  4. "Betrayal"
  5. "Out of the Past"
  6. "Speak No Evil"
  7. "Inqueling"
  8. "Unmasked"
  9. "Curse of the Kobra, Part I"
  10. "Curse of the Kobra, Part II"
  11. "The Call, Part I"
  12. "The Call, Part II"
  13. "Countdown"
  14. "Unmasked"


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