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Appearing in Industrial Revolution, Part One of Three: "A Riot Going On"

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Synopsis for Industrial Revolution, Part One of Three: "A Riot Going On"

At Iron Heights Penitentiary, Paxton Powers is bailed out and the news quickly hits the city. A riot has formed around Wayne-Powers and Batman finds out Paxton got out because of his new negotiator. Batman breaks up the riot by releasing tear gas on them and stops 6 men beating up a guard with tear gas. After that, Terry goes to meet Dana at a diner. Dana breaks up with Terry and leaves him heartbroken.

Bruce then goes to the Aames Hotel to meet Glen Godfrey. Bruce reveals he knows about Glen's previous history of aiding Bialyan Nationals overthrowing the Regime and worked on a contingency with the employees of Fastfile Computing and when the investments collapsed, Godfrey walked away with a new house. Bruce thinks he's working for someone but when Godfrey denies its Paxton Powers, Bruce leaves.

Dana Tan comes home to find her brother, Doug Tan is home. Dana is afraid of him at first but Doug reassures her he's changed.

Batman goes out on patrol but he's too distracted by his break-up with Dana. Bruce snaps him out of it and Batman spots Paxton going into a Wayne-Powers building. Batman heads over there and learns that Paxton is there to meet the man who bailed him out. Suddenly, the building explodes and the man responsible is revealed to be none other than, Paxton's father, Derek Powers a.k.a. Blight.


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