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"Till Death Do Us Part!": Certain day at the Hudson University campus, a hired killer by the criminal organization known as MAZE tries to murder Robin during a public event. The killer fails to murder the young hero and he is captured by the Teen Wonder, b

Quote1 Batman was right-- New York is so much like Gotham that I feel right at home! Quote2
-- Man-Bat

Appearing in "Till Death Do Us Part!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:





Synopsis for "Till Death Do Us Part!"

Certain day at the Hudson University campus, a hired killer by the criminal organization known as MAZE tries to murder Robin during a public event. The killer fails to murder the young hero and he is captured by the Teen Wonder, before he is delivered to the authorities.

Shortly afterwards in Washington, D.C., Batgirl investigates a spy-ring, but she is also attacked by hired guns, who attempt to kill her as well. Batgirl manages to avoid death and although her Batcycle is destroyed, she manages to capture the criminals and deliver them to the authorities.

The man responsible for the murder attempt on the heroes is not pleased with MAZE and he tells the leader of the organization to find a way to kill both heroes. Like this, MAZE lures Batgirl and Robin into a “shotgun wedding”...with real shotguns. Or so they thought, as during the ceremony, the heroes (who were apparently hypnotized) break out of their trance and capture the large faction of MAZE, including their leader. After the heroes deliver the criminals to the police, it is revealed that Robin was the man behind the blood contract on them and he played MAZE with the intention of capturing a large portion of their organization.

After a successful mission, Batgirl and Robin enjoy a nice time together as friends.

Appearing in "Man-Bat Over Manhattan"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Snafu (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Kenneth Floyd



Synopsis for "Man-Bat Over Manhattan"

Kirk Langstrom, also known as Man-Bat, has left his hometown and moved to New York City, following Batman's word of advice. On his new home, Langstrom has resumed his crime-fighting activities as Man-Bat, but it has left him unable to get a day job, which complicates things further for him since his wife, Francine is pregnant with their kid.

Man-Bat continues prowling the night, seeking to stop criminals in exchange for a monetary reward, but he can only collect small bucks. His luck changes when a new criminal appears in town. A man who calls himself Snafu, who can stun and dazzle people's perceptions thanks to a hight-tech suit. After a couple of crimes by Snafu, a reward for him is already placed and Man-Bat goes looking after him.

When Man-Bat finally finds Snafu, the confrontation is over in seconds, as Man-Bat is affected by Snafu's costume tricks. However, Man-Bat recovers quickly and uses his bat senses to locate and capture the thug.

After watching Man-Bat's success, a mysterious person decides to challenge the Man-Bat with other and more dangerous enemies.

Appearing in "Surprise! Surprise!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:


Synopsis for "Surprise! Surprise!"

Commissioner Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth go to Wayne Manor to get it ready for a surprise birthday party for Bruce Wayne. When Gordon threatens to accidentally trigger the entrance to the Batcave, Alfred masquerades as a robber to throw him off the scent. However, Gordon's detective skills come into place and after a series of weird events and circumstances, he realizes that there is something odd at Wayne Manor.

When the guests have finally arrived and Bruce gets home, Commissioner Gordon makes an interesting remark, which hints the possibility that he might have discovered Bruce's secret identity as Batman.


  • This book was first published on February 24, 1977.
  • "Batman's Bureau of Missing Villains" features profiles on the Terrible Trio and Dr. No-Face.
  • It was later explained that the marriage of Vicki Vale as show in "Surprise! Surprise!" took place during her absence in the Batman comics and by the time she officially returned in Batman #344, she had already divorced.[1]


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