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"I Am Batgirl's Brother!": For the longest time, Tony Gordon, the son of Commissioner Gordon and brother of Barbara Gordon, has been presumed dead after his mysterious disappearance while travelling around

Appearing in "I Am Batgirl's Brother!"

Featured Characters:

  • Batgirl (Flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:

  • Tony Gordon (First appearance)(Flashback and main story)


Other Characters:

  • James Gordon (Flashback only)
  • Debra (Single appearance)
  • Judy (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "I Am Batgirl's Brother!"

For the longest time, Tony Gordon, the son of Commissioner Gordon and brother of Barbara Gordon, has been presumed dead after his mysterious disappearance while travelling around the world in a hot-balloon. Tony however, was part of a spy mission to learn secrets from China, but he was eventually captured by the enemy and held prisoner for a long time. Upon his escape, he returned to America, where he was forced to remain hidden under a new identity and was forbidden to get in touch with his family or friends, as to prevent actions from his enemies.

Working as a security officer at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C., Tony is reunited with his sister, Barbara, who is forced to switch into Batgirl to stop a crook called Captain Aero from stealing valuable objects. Tony follows Batgirl to the secret lair of Captain Aero and he witnesses how Batgirl captures the crook, but ends up injured. Approaching his sister to make sure she is fine, Tony hears Barbara whisper his name and he decides to call the authorities to get the situation under control.

With Barbara out of danger, Tony returns to incognito and starts planning to get a new identity in order to prevent Barbara from finding him.

Appearing in "Dread Night of the Jaguar"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


Synopsis for "Dread Night of the Jaguar"

Kirk Langstrom and his wife Francine enjoy an evening at Central Park, when a sudden attack of a jaguar alerts the people at the Park and Langstrom is forced to morph into the Man-Bat to restrain the wild animal. Leaving the jaguar unconscious, Man-Bat takes Francine and drops her on a nearby hotel, while he follows the signal of a nearby robbery.

Upon arriving at the crime scene, Man-Bat battles the Sunset Gang, who are costumed criminals under the instructions of Mr. O. During the struggle, Man-Bat is bitten by the jaguar and the Sunset Gang use a special light weapon that turns Man-Bat into a were-jaguar. The criminals escape and Langstrom is forced to fight against the police, as they believe he is the monster that attacked in Central Park. At Dawn, Langstrom is finally able to reach outside and once he is struck by sunlight, his transformation is reverted and he goes back to normal.

Later, Francine and Kirk are reunited, but they both known that whoever Mr. O is, he is bound to return and attack them again.

Appearing in "Rally Round Robin!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Margie Spratt




Synopsis for "Rally Round Robin!"

Dick Grayson is compelled by his girlfriend Lori Elton to finish his assignments, but he is unable to concentrate as he is forced to stop three thieves, who were out to steal precious manuscripts from Hudson University. Robin manages to round up the criminals and allays Lori's suspicions, despite the fact that his assignment is barely started.

At night, when Dick gets ready to do his work, he is contacted by Barbara Gordon, who informs him that a new Batcycle has been delivered to her with the message to contact him. At that moment, Robin's Motorcycle gives Robin another message that he is needed in New York and Batgirl's Batcycle starts giving that same message. Once the heroes decide to follow the command, they mount on their vehicles, but they are both clamped to them and start them speeding towards an unknown destination.


  • The "Batman's Bureau of Missing Villains" showcases the previous appearances of Clayface I (Basil Karlo) and Clayface II (Matt Hagen). The end section of the page hints the possibility of a Clayface III character appearing, which happens a few months later in Detective Comics #477, a story that introduces Preston Payne.


  • On the last page of the Man-Bat story, there is a man drawn in resemblance to editor Julius Schwartz.

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